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Video: Interpersonal Skills Can Help You Clarify Deadlines

Here’s something that falls into the category of interpersonal skills. When you get an assignment, it's always a good idea to clarify the deadline for the assignment, right? That's like the 101 lesson of how to work in an organization. Your boss gives you an assignment. Go, "Okay, what's the deadline for it?" That's simple.  
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Quiz: How Do Your Time Management Skills Stack Up?

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Interruptions At Work Are Killing Your Productivity

If you’re like most people, you get interrupted way too much at work. Over the past two months, more than 6,000 people have taken the online quiz “How Do Your Time Management Skills Stack Up?” As I’ve been analyzing the results, one of the most striking findings has been just how many people suffer from interruptions throughout their workday.
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Video: Bad Presentations

Bad PresentationHere’s a different kind of communication skills tip: If you give enough presentations, eventually you will have one not go well. You will have one go off the rails. Now, when most people do this, they have this feeling that I just have to power through no matter how bad this is, no matter how much sweat is pouring down my back, and how irritated and annoyed the audience is. 

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How To Stop A Presentation That's Going Badly

Bad PresentationNot only does stopping the presentation keep you from (figuratively) crashing into a wall, it also awakens your audience. So few presenters have the courage to stop a presentation that it’s a surprise. And with presentations going badly, it’s a very nice surprise.

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Be Careful Of Sounding Like A Narcissist In Your Speeches

One thing you need to watch out for when you’re giving motivational speeches, whether you’re in front of a formal, seated audience, or in a more informal setting like with a group of your employees (this even applies when talking to your customers), is violating the narcissism ratio. And the narcissism ratio, very simply, is the ratio of the number of times you say “I” and “me” versus the number of times you talk about “them.”
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Quiz: What's Your Presentation Style?

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3 Warning Signs Of Bad Leadership That Most People Miss

Being a boss is no easy job, and it’s pretty common to wonder, “How am I really doing?” Unfortunately, traditional business metrics don’t really offer much guidance. A great P&L, for example, might be the result of leadership brilliance, but it could also be the result of the market popping up, and chances are that one leader didn’t single-handedly drive the dial up.
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Quiz: Are You Motivated By Power Or Achievement?

Most leaders are driven by power or achievement (or some combination of the two). Power-driven people want to be in charge and they want authority to make decisions that will impact others. By contrast, achievement-driven people are more thrilled by accomplishing difficult tasks, even if no one else notices.

To discover what drives you, take this free quiz...


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Video: Biggest Fear for Employees That Telecommute

Remote employees, those that telecommute, often have a fear that doesn't afflict their co-located compatriots and that is, am I going to be forgotten about? Am I out of sight, out of mind? Remote employees are those people that are working somewhere besides the office, they telecommute. 
Posted by Mark Murphy on 29 November, 2016 Leadership Skills, Telecommuting, Video | 0 comments | Read more →

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