Survey Process

Engagement is not appeasement

Our work with you begins with a conversation between Leadership IQ and your Executive team to determine your core objectives for the survey.

We’ll listen as you describe your strengths and weaknesses in group and one-on-one calls. Then we’ll customize the survey of multiple choice and open-ended questions that will provide an accurate diagnosis of the organization’s engagement assets.

When time is limited and internal resources are spread thin, finding a partner like Leadership IQ is like winning the lottery. It’s more important than ever that I bring development opportunities to my business partners that are based on research and provide immediate impact. Leadership IQ enhances my credibility as a solution provider.  - Janie Brown, Hr Manager, Chubb Insurance

In 28 days together we’ll:

  • Host the online survey adding paper or language translations where needed
  • Provide communications to build trust that generates 80%-plus participation rates in first time assessments
  • Analyze your results using multivariate regression analyses and comparative benchmarking to discover the key issues that uniquely drive your employee engagement
  • Provide you a complete report of your current strengths and opportunities for improvement within two weeks of the end of data collection
  • Develop a custom series of recommendations to review with your Executive team and key managers
  • Follow up with custom management skills training specific to your newly identified needs with onsite and virtual training programs
  • Help you ensure specific action plans are developed and implemented

Call us today at 800-814-7859 or email to learn more about our survey process.