Communication Strategies for Controlling Your Company’s Rumor Mill (30-Day Recording)

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This is a recorded webinar. As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email that gives you access to watch the program for as many times as you want for 30 days. You will also get access to download the slides.

If your executives have ever stood up at a town hall meeting and said “we’re NOT having layoffs” or “we’re NOT selling the company,” they made a HUGE mistake in debunking rumors. In fact, the latest psychological research says that they actually made the rumors worse! Now people will REALLY think you’re having layoffs or selling the company!

The past few years have brought groundbreaking discoveries on the science of debunking rumors and managing/ controlling your company’s grapevine. This revolutionary webinar will you the latest science and practical techniques for controlling your company’s rumor mill. Keep reading to see what you’ll learn…

This 60-minute webinar called “Communication Strategies for Controlling Your Company’s Rumor Mill” will show you:

  • Why restating a false rumor is the worst thing you can do and how to debunk a false rumor without actually mentioning it
  • How to write a brief memo for debunking rumors and misinformation (including the maximum number of facts you’re allowed to use to debunk 1 false rumor)
  • The 3 biggest types of rumors that executives must be prepared to handle
  • Why the “information deficit model” is wrong (meaning that just supplying more information won’t automatically help you control the rumor mill)
  • Discover the “backfire effect” and why it tells you the right way to debunk a rumor
  • Learn how to use the “basic law of rumor” that says the strength of a rumor is driven by how much your employees care about the issue multiplied by the ambiguity of the evidence for the rumor
  • How to use social media to influence your company’s grapevine
  • 4 types of rumors (Wish, Anxiety, Wedge and Anticipatory) and how to handle them
  • 2 types of processes by which rumors spread (Single-Strand Chain and Cluster Chain) and how you can manage each of them
  • How military research from the Iraq War changed how you should handle rumors
  • Why bad news is more memorable than good news (and why it takes 5 pieces of good news to outweigh 1 piece of bad news)

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