Creating a Drama-Free Workplace (30-Day Recording)

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This is a recorded webinar. As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email that gives you access to watch the program for as many times as you want for 30 days. You will also get access to download the slides.

Are you tired from overly dramatic employees who make every mistake or hurdle into a federal case? Or meetings filled with people who just want to gripe about everything they can’t control?

Look out your office door… Is every one of your employees just executing without excuses? Are they fully accountable, passionately driving huge results, without any drama or hassle?

Or, are some of your employees making excuses or finger-pointing, maybe even a bit entitled, and their passion is lacking?

Some organizations have hardwired a drama-free culture. Their employees take ownership, they’re passionate, driven, collaborative, open, and make absolutely no excuses. And after studying hundreds of these companies, we’ve identified the best practices that drive their success and make them such calm grown-ups who do their jobs without the drama.

This 60-minute webinar called “Creating A Drama-Free Workplace” will show you:

  • 8 Question “Accountability Test” so you can diagnose the levels of accountability (and drama) in your organization
  • 4 Conversations that leaders MUST have with employees to eliminate drama and get them to execute without excuses:
    • Candor Conversation
    • Ownership Conversation
    • No Excuses Conversation
    • Planning Conversation
  • 3 mistakes leaders are currently making that are causing employees to feel entitled and encourage drama
  • 6 words that help leaders avoid getting sucked into employee drama and conflicts
  • The 5 Stages of Accountability (Denial, Blame, Excuses, Anxiety & Accountability) and how to navigate them
  • The 1 question you must ask at the end of every meeting to hardwire accountability and avoid drama about missed deadlines or assignments
  • How to use “line of sight” goals to keep your employees aligned, on track and fully accountable (and a 9-minute meeting you should have every morning that reinforces those goals)
  • 5 step Personal Development Plan that forces every employee to take personal responsibility for, and ownership of, their career and the organization’s future
  • Powerful performance management tool called Word Pictures that translates accountability into concrete behaviors for every employee
  • Specific script for giving constructive feedback in a drama-free way that gets employees to take ownership for their own performance and personal improvement
  • How some of your HR processes are inadvertently causing drama, and how 3 simple fixes can turn drama into accountability

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