Mastering the Player-Coach Leadership Model (30-Day Recording)

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Most leaders struggle mightily to find a balance between ‘managing’ and ‘doing.’ If they’re ‘managing’ too much, they feel like they’re not really working (and give up the expertise that got them promoted in the first place). And if they’re ‘doing’ too much, they get stuck in a vicious cycle of 12 hour days and no bench beneath them.

But there is an alternative: the Player-Coach Model of Leadership. Many great leaders are both ‘managers’ and ‘doers.’ Steve Jobs designed the iPhone WHILE building Apple. Warren Buffett still picks investments. NASDAQ has grown exponentially using ‘player/coach leadership.’ And our research shows that the #1 source of power for leaders comes from their individual expertise, not from having a management title.

Almost every company tries ‘player/coach leadership’ but most fail to find the right balance. So in this webinar, you’ll learn how to successfully implement ‘player/coach leadership’ with specific tactics and strategies.

This 60-minute webinar called “Mastering the Player-Coach Leadership Model” will show you:

  • New research about how many hours per week a leader needs to spend interacting with their employees
  • Why you’ll never find a good balance between player and coach if you don’t develop a deep leadership ‘bench’
  • 5 key metrics that show whether your leadership ‘bench’ is deep enough
  • The 1 type of task that a player/coach leader should DELEGATE IMMEDIATELY or they’ll never find a good balance between ‘managing’ and ‘doing’
  • 3 biggest reasons why companies decide to use a player/coach leadership model
  • How to use a Peer-to-Peer leadership development model to teach leaders how to do better ‘managing’
  • How to use the player/coach model to prepare your leaders for bigger roles in the future
  • 1 test that shows if leaders have focused too much on ‘doing’ and not enough on ‘managing’
  • A leadership training exercise used by NASDAQ and Save the Children that instantly shows leaders how to BOTH ‘manage’ and ‘do’

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