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How To Get More Power At Work

Too many people think, “I lack the authority to have any real power at work.” It’s not only a false belief; it’s pretty much impossible to live in today’s world by relying solely on titular power (i.e. power based on having a big title like vice president).

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5 Questions That Will Help You Have An Extraordinary Career

What does it mean to have an extraordinary career? I see a lot of people getting it wrong. Some are too hung up on the technical aspects of career. In all my studies, the people who have great careers, it’s not because of technical aptitude. It’s entirely possible to have great skills and still be unfulfilled or even miserable.

Which Of These 4 Presentation Styles Do You Have?

We all have our own presentation style, but have you ever thought about how your particular style compares to others? And the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation style?
After years of research, my team and I have found there are four primary presentation styles: the Closer, the Data Scientist, the Director and the Storyteller. You can discover your own style with the quiz What's Your Presentation Style?

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How To Say 'No' When A Colleague Tries To Take Advantage Of You

Let’s imagine that you’re a manager and your company has just given out bonuses. Each manager received the bonus numbers for their specific employees and everyone was told explicitly not to share the numbers with other managers. So, of course, the manager down the hall catches you later and says “I think my employees got shortchanged on the annual bonus. What did your employees get?”

New Data Shows Millennials Are More Humble, And Less Narcissistic, Than Many People Think

MillennialsAllegations of narcissism are one of the most frequent charges I hear non-millennial managers hurl at their Millennial employees. I get it. I’m in the over-40 category myself, and I know how different it is to work with younger generation employees. I even wrote a book about it.
Posted by Mark Murphy on 16 August, 2016 Forbes, Millennials, , no_cat, no_recent, Research, sb_ad_2, sb_ad_23, sb_ad_3 | 0 comments | Read more →

Here's What Scares Remote Employees

What Scares Remote EmployeesIf your boss doesn’t see you on a regular basis, it’s only natural to wonder if they’re actively thinking about you. After all, you might think, they could see lots of employees every day and have all sorts of great lunches and water cooler conversations. And if you were the boss, and had to choose someone for your next wickedly cool assignment with terrific growth opportunities, mightn’t you be more likely to choose the person with whom you share a daily coffee?
Posted by Mark Murphy on 03 August, 2016 Forbes, , no_cat, no_recent, sb_ad_2, sb_ad_23, sb_ad_3, Telecommuting | 0 comments | Read more →

Employee Engagement Surveys: Don't Ask Employees If They're 'Satisfied'

Engagement SurveySatisfaction, a concept often measured by questions like “Overall, I am satisfied with company ABC” or “I am satisfied with my job” is a significantly weaker concept. In fact, it’s too weak to help you improve employee engagement.
Let’s imagine you score a perfect 7 out of 7 on this “satisfied” question. What does that really tell you?

Beware Of Hiring Candidates Who Say 'Always' And 'Never' In Job Interviews

InterviewIf the job candidate you’re interviewing says “always” and “never” a lot, it may be a signal that you’re talking to a low performer. How do we know this? MyHiring for Attitude research team asked about 1,400 professionals a series of open-ended job interview questions such as, ” Could you tell me about a time you got tough feedback from the boss?”

Quiz: Does Your Company Need Better Leadership Training?

Answer these 5 simple questions and then you'll see how 32,410 American and Canadian executives, managers and employees answered. It's a great chance to benchmark your organization!
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Don't Let Fear Of Failure Ruin Your 2016 Goals

GoalsNew Year’s resolutions are practically an institution. Maybe your big goal for 2016 is to lose weight, quit smoking, work out, advance your career, start a business, double sales revenue, run a marathon, go back to school, save more money, etc. 
Posted by Mark Murphy on 06 July, 2016 Forbes, Goal Setting, , no_cat, no_recent, sb_ad_2, sb_ad_23, sb_ad_3 | 0 comments | Read more →

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