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One Simple Tool For Controlling Loudmouths In Your Team Meetings

Have you ever been in one of those team meetings, virtual or face-to-face, where a few big personalities just dominate the space? They usually talk louder than everyone else, and if the boss or team leader isn’t speaking, all you hear are their thoughts, their ideas, their yeas and their nays. 

6 Big Gripes About Meetings (And How To Fix Them)

When I ask leaders, “What’s the No. 1 thing that wastes your time and hinders your productivity?” the nearly universal answer is “meetings.” Whether it’s wasteful meetings that don’t resolve anything, meetings where everybody talks just to hear themselves speak or meetings where decisions never get made, meetings are often hated and typically wasteful.
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Video: Effective Communication with an Impatient Boss

Effective communication with an impatient boss is far less challenging if you know their preferred communication style. One simple way to distinguish communication styles is how linear people are. Here's what that means. Some people are very linear. 

How To Say No When Your Boss Wants You To Work All Weekend To Complete A Project

Imagine that it’s Friday afternoon and your boss walks over to your desk and tells you the following:
Boss: I need you to come into work this weekend to help finish the Johnson proposal.
You: When is it due?
Boss: Monday at noon. We hoped to have it done today (Friday) 

The Right (And Wrong) Way To Talk To An Impatient Boss

Most impatient seeming bosses aren’t suffering from some chronic character flaw. More often than not, they just have a particular communication style that likes things at a high level, without too much detail, and a focus on cutting-to-the-chase. And for the record, that describes a lot of bosses

The Way You Check Email Is Making You Less Productive

The average person checks their email about 15 times per day. But a recent study from researchers at the University of British Columbia found that when people were limited to checking their email just three times per day, their stress levels decreased significantly. 
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Video: Friendly Customer Service

Here’s something you don’t often hear under the category of good customer service skills: not everybody wants friendly customer service. I know, it's a bizarre thing to say, right?  How can that possible qualify as good customer service skills?

Video: Mark Murphy appears on CNN to discuss CEOs speaking out on the immigration ban

Mark Murphy, founder of Leadership IQ, is a frequent guest on CNN and here he comments on the recent spate of CEOs who spoke out against the recent immigration ban.

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Coach Employee Problems Instead of Managing Them

We’ve all had the situation when an employee walks into our office with a problem they want us to solve (or dozens of problems they want solved). Maybe they walk into our office and say, “I need your help boss, that other division won’t respond to my emails about giving me the data I need to finish my report.” And then they stand there waiting for us to solve that problem.

Why Giving Advice Doesn't Work

One big mistake many leaders make is delivering advice instead of constructive feedback. People often think it’s nicer to phrase criticisms more gently by injecting words like: should, would, ought, and try. The problem is that by using these words, your constructive feedback becomes advice.
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