Are Your Best People Preparing To Quit? (Recording)

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Imagine how difficult your life would be if your high performers walked out the door...

...well the shocking truth is that in 42% of companies, your "high performers are LESS ENGAGED than low performers!" And that means a lot of your best people could be on the verge of quitting!

This webinar will show you how to diagnose the turnover risk of your best people and gives you a step-by-step plan to re-engage and inspire them immediately!

This 60-minute webinar called "ARE YOUR BEST PEOPLE PREPARING TO QUIT?" will teach you...

  • The shocking new data on just how many high performers are getting ready to quit!
  • The 3 psychological drivers that high performers have (that middle and low performers often lack)
  • How to build trust and get candid feedback from your high performers
    The surprising type of goals that high performers require (that are radically different from low and middle performers)
  • How to assess high performers' perception of the costs and benefits of working for this organization
  • The surprising analytics that reveal why high performers are often LESS ENGAGED than low performers!
  • An effective "retention" conversation script and the best time and place to hold that conversation (using our famous Shoves & Tugs model)
  • How to know when our conversations with high performers are NOT hitting the most critical issues
  • How to tell if one of your stars is contemplating leaving
  • What to do when your high performers seem "maxed out"


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