How Nice People Gain Power & Influence (Recording)

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Nice people need more power & influence.So, do you have enough? Do colleagues and bosses listen to your every word? Do they act on your ideas? If you want more power and influence, so you can get better and faster results, this webinar called How Nice People Get Power & Influence will show you how.

The flattening of today’s organizations has created more informal power networks that make the old command-and-control model of power and influence obsolete. And that’s a really good thing for nice people.So you’ll learn the 7 sources of power and which ones work in today’s modern organizations. We’ll show you how to identify your likely allies and your likely antagonists, whom to approach for support and how to enlist their support. We’ll also show you how to identify your hidden sources of power and leverage them for greater effectiveness.

Whether you’re enlisting support from your boss, executives in other divisions, managers who are getting in your way, employees, board members, unions, etc., this program will help you understand how best to attract supporters to your cause and leverage your undiscovered power to motivate them to action.

This 60-minute webinar called “How Nice People Get Power & Influence” will show you:

  • The 7 sources of power (legitimate, coercive, reward, referent, connection, expert, informational) and which power sources YOU should be using
  • 4 common mistakes that instantly make you LESS influential (and how to avoid them)
  • Learn how to influence each of the 7 major personality types (with specific do’s and don’ts for each type)
  • How to rewrite your message depending on the personality you’re talking to
  • Diagnose whether someone is likely to be your champion or antagonist
  • How to build support (and effectively convert the people that don’t support you)
  • 3 sources of power you didn’t know you had (and how to start using them)
  • Develop influence in flat or matrix organizational structures
  • Understand the difference between the Attraction and Power approachesto influence


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