How to Manage 'Brilliant Jerks' (aka Talented Terrors) (Recording)

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It would be nice if all talented people had great attitudes. But unfortunately, sometimes our most talented people can be arrogant, narcissistic, dramatic or negative. And that's why we call them ‘Brilliant Jerks’ or ‘Talented Terrors’ (aka talented people with bad attitudes).  

Brilliant Jerks (or Talented Terrors) are the employees who have all the skills you want, but an attitude that drains your energy and hurts your team. Not only do these folks make your life difficult, but they can have a toxic influence on your other employees, make you look ineffective as a leader, and chase away the high performers that actually have good attitudes.

But they’re tricky to manage because they also have lots of political clout and a track record of very good technical performance.

On this webinar called How To Manage ‘Brilliant Jerks’ (aka Talented Terrors), you’ll learn the techniques and psychological science for leading all of those smart people with challenging personalities.


This 60-minute webinar called “How To Manage ‘Brilliant Jerks’ (aka Talented Terrors)” will show you:

  • 2 techniques for guiding smarter and louder personalities to keep them engaged without letting Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terrors steamroll your other staff
  • What to say when talented people with challenging personalities just aren’t meeting expectations (and how to refocus them without them spiraling into pouting, blame, excuses, etc.)
  • How to use Word Pictures to keep your challenging personalities working within structured performance expectations, but still allowing them the freedom to be creative and brilliant
  • How to give challenging personalities constructive feedback, and how to control the conversation when they react by blaming or making excuses
  • How to help Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terrors understand that their attitude is really a problem
  • How to script tough conversations with Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terrors by using Candor, Objectivity, Specificity, Timeliness, Calm, and Choice
  • 4 part script for Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terrors that just refuse to change, no matter what you do or say
  • Keep total control of conversations with Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terrors without letting it get off track
  • 3 sentences to say when your Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terror is a colleague (not a subordinate)
  • 4 part script for Brilliant Jerks/Talented Terrors that just refuse to change, no matter what you do or say, even if it means their job
  • How to put attitude evaluations into your performance appraisal and disciplinary processes so you don’t face this problem moving forward


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