Employee Surveys

Know where you are going and how to get there

Most people don’t leave home on a long drive without a GPS. Leadership IQ employee surveys are tuned to be your GPS for identifying the fastest route to increased engagement and better overall results in your organization.

Did you know that an employee survey should never use a 5-point scale? Or that you should never ask employees if they’re “satisfied” with their job? Or that you only have 28 days after data collection ends to bring the employee survey results back to your organization? Leadership IQ’s employee survey, the Hundred Percenter Index, will bring out the best effort, passion and commitment of your employees.

Why the 5-point survey scale doesn’t work

Employees who really hate their workplace have quit already. So a 5-point scale survey pool is positively biased. You’ll never get as many people rating a 1 as you will a 5. And, those who rank a 5 once generally always rank a 5. These skewed statistics mean inaccurate assessments and an inability to track year-to-year progress. Leadership IQ’s proprietary 7-point scale broadens the spectrum and provides statistically valid and easily trackable survey results that let you know what your employees are really thinking.

Ask your employees if they are achieving not if they are “satisfied”

Almost every employee survey includes a version of the statement: “Overall, I am satisfied with company X.” All this really says is, “I’m satisfied” and what real help is that? Our survey questions use proven practices from clinical psychologists to let you know if your employees are deeply fulfilled and committed to your goals, and if they are willing to drip blood, sweat and tears for the organization. And if not, our employee surveys will reveal what it will take to provide the life-altering fulfillment that makes your employees truly want to give the kind of 100% effort you’re looking for.

Survey and act in 28 days

Giving your managers employee survey data without the right communications and management training is like sending someone to work in the ER of a hospital without medical training. If your people were ready to make all the necessary changes without any further training, they would have done it already. It takes a minimum of two solid days of training to equip managers with enough skills to do most jobs effectively. We give you the specific tools needed to find out how to correct the issues identified. And, we don’t disappear. We’re available quarter to quarter to help you review and reinvigorate your efforts.

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