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Becoming a Visionary Leader

Every leader wants to be seen as visionary, but how? To be a great visionary leader, you need to get everyone aiming in the right direction, working in lock-step, and acting with passion. But if you start offering tired clichés every employee will roll their eyes, tune out and think this is all a bunch of hooey. In this webinar, we’ll show you a 5-part model to create a vision that is both inspirational and memorable. You’ll move beyond fuzzy and poorly defined visions and learn to sell a vision that balances your unchanging core values with all the turbulence in the outside world. We’ll give you specific examples from visionary companies like Google and the Ritz-Carlton.

  • We’ll show you 3 mistakes that make people ignore your vision.
  • We’ll outline 5 questions that every vision MUST answer and 10 cliché phrases you should NEVER use in a vision.
  • You’ll learn how to use data to justify and clarify your vision and stories to spread it like wildfire.
  • Discover behavioral standards that help keep employees accountable.
  • Learn how to stop focusing only on the daily grind of present-day issues and instead start developing the skills to become forward-looking and visionary.

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