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The Leadership IQ Hiring For Attitude Certification program gives hiring managers and HR professionals the skills to hire stars with great attitudes into their organizations. Participants learn which attitudes to hire for, which questions not to ask (including some of the most common ones), how to design attitudinal questions, what good and bad answers sound like, the keys to recruiting high performers, and even what to do once you’ve got them.

This course is presented by New York Times bestselling author Mark Murphy and based on his bestselling book featured in Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC and more!


This is an online training course, with 26 videos, that you can watch as many times as you want for 12 months. You’ll learn advanced skills for hiring for attitude, interviewing, recruiting and more! As soon as you purchase, you get access to an online library with 26 videos. And you get to watch these programs as many times as you want over the next 12 months! And as soon as you’re ready (usually after you’ve finished watching all the videos), you can take the online test to become officially certified in Hiring for Attitude!

Each video is short and to the point, so if you only have 15-20 minutes (on your computer or mobile device), you can still squeeze in the world’s best training on hiring skills. Be sure to watch some of the sample video clips below!


Participants will have the opportunity to take the Hiring for Attitude Certification exam and become certified. Completing this program can help you:

  • Increase your value in your organization and in your industry
  • Stand out from your peers because you’ve taken this extra step towards professional certification
  • Be known for and demonstrate your capability and skills so crucial to winning the talent wars
  • Advance your career by adding Hiring for Attitude Certification to your professional credentials


In these videos, Mark personally walks you through all the skills to expertly hire for attitude. The “Hiring for Attitude” book is great (that’s why it was rated as a “Must Read” by CNBC). But this course takes you even deeper into the content and Mark gives you step-by-step guidance.


These courses are backed by our cutting-edge leadership research featured in Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNN, NPR & more.


Each video is taught by Mark Murphy, author of Hiring for Attitude. He’s a New York Times Bestselling author and writes the “People Pain Points” column at Forbes.com. Mark has lectured at The United Nations, Harvard Business School, Microsoft, MasterCard, and more. And he’s consistently rated as one of the world’s Top 30 Leadership Gurus.


If your company has 2 or more people that want to get certified, there are special group discounts. If you have 2+ users, the price is $999 per user. If you have 10+ users, the price is $749 per user. And for 30+ users, there are further discounts available. For group discounts, please contact Jeffrey Sherman at 800-814-7859 or email him at jeffrey@leadershipiq.com




If you would like a free trial and pricing for your organization, please contact Jill Sutherland at jill@leadershipiq.com or call (800) 814-7859.


Here are a few video clips so you can experience what these programs are like...





Here’s a listing of all the courses in the Hiring For Attitude Certification program.

The Attitude Revolution
Video Class 1: Overview: The Hiring for Attitude Study
Video Class 2: Rethinking Behavioral Interview Questions
Video Class 3: The Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

Discover the Attitudes You Need to Hire
Video Class 4: The Right Attitudes for Your Organization
Video Class 5: Don’t Hire These Low Performers
Video Class 6: Hiring for Attitude Case Study: Microchip Technology
Video Class 7: Finding Your Organization’s Attitudes to Hire: Brown Shorts Discovery
Video Class 8: A Look At Some Common Positive & Negative Brown Shorts

Interviewing for Attitude
Video Class 9: Creating Brown Shorts Interview Questions
Video Class 10: Examples: Turning Brown Shorts Into Interview Questions
Video Class 11: The Universal Interview Question that Assesses Coachability
Video Class 12: How Many Brown Shorts Questions Do You Really Need?

Developing Answer Guidelines
Video Class 13: Answer Guidelines: Developing the Answer Key to Your Interview Questions
Video Class 14: A Look at Some Sample Answer Guidelines
Video Class 15: Using Textual Analysis To Identify High and Low Performer Language

Interviewing for Attitude Practicum
Video Class 16: Preparing the Interview Agenda
Video Class 17: Probing Candidates for More Information
Video Class 18: The Realistic Job Preview: What Your Candidates Need to Know
Video Class 19: Where to Sit in the Interview—It’s More Important than You Think.
Video Class 20: Review of the Hiring for Attitude Materials

Recruiting for Attitude
Video Class 21: P= A+U-S: The Recruiting for Attitude Formula
Video Class 22: Writing a Brown Shorts Job Ad
Video Class 23: Measuring Your Recruitment Efforts (so You Know What’s Working)
Video Class 24: Recruitment Channels: Building A Pipeline of High Performers

Hardwiring Attitude Into Your Culture
Video Class 25: Using Hiring for Attitude to Hardwire Attitude into Your Culture
Video Class 26: Word Pictures and Performance Management








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