On-Demand Workshop: The Science Of Leading Teams

Companies like Google are famous for leading TEAMS that are Innovative, Deep-Thinking, Collaborative, and Efficient…

Now YOU TOO can master The Science Of Leading Teams!

Course: The Science Of Leading Teams
Instructor: Mark Murphy, NY Times Bestseller
Lessons: 6
Length of Course: 70 minutes
Access: 1 Full year access
Exclusive Bonuses: 9 Worksheets/Assessments
Price: $395

Get immediate access!

Get this on-demand course "The Science Of Leading Teams" and immediately unlock the brainpower, teamwork and productivity of every team member!

Never again suffer through a team meeting that gets off track, is consumed by egos & distrust, lacks follow-through, and feels undisciplined!

This 70-minute on-demand course will teach you how to...

  • Master interpersonal team dynamics to create trust, honesty & collaboration
  • Tools for helping your team make better, smarter, faster decisions
  • Gain a reputation as an expert team leader who can handle any group
  • Guarantee people show up to team meetings focused, engaged and prepared
  • Create deeper thinking and more innovative ideas from your team 

Through a combination of cutting-edge science and hyper-practical techniques, The Science Of Leading Teams delivers 6 lessons that will immediately transform you (and your company's) effectiveness!  Your 6 lessons include:

  • Lesson #1 – Identifying Team Purpose (13:09)
  • Lesson #2 – Putting the Right People on the Team (12:02)
  • Lesson #3 – Challengers, Implementers, Analyzers and Diplomats – Four Personalities Found in Teams (7:55)
  • Lesson #4 – Improving Team Dynamics (11:34)
  • Lesson #5 – Team Decision Making (10:09)
  • Lesson #6 – Structuring Effective Meetings (16:52)

This course also includes 9 Exclusive Bonuses!

BOnus #1: Team Personalities Assessment

Are the people on your team Implementers or Challengers or Analyzers or Diplomats?  Have every member of your team take this quick self-scoring assessment to discover their personal team personality!  And then, based on what you've learned in the course, you'll be able to immediately utilize each person's strengths and steer clear of their weaknesses!

Bonus #2: Team Goals Worksheet

No team will be successful if they don't have clearly defined, and agreed upon, goals.  But you can't just make up a random goal; you've got to ensure that your goals are aligned with the rest of the company, and that there is the right mix of short and long-term thinking.  Use this Team Goal Worksheet to guide your team's process and get every person on your team perfectly aligned!

Bonus #3: Decison Grid Worksheet

Have you ever ended a team meeting and then discovered, days later, that literally no action has been taken?  The Decision Grid Worksheet gives you a tool to ensure that every person on your team, and in your meetings, is held accountable for their action items.  Just complete the worksheet before the end of every meeting and watch your team's accountability soar!

Bonus #4: statement of achievement worksheet

This one tool has been shown to reduce the average meeting time by 17 minutes!  Think about how much more productive and efficient you would be if every meeting you had ended 17 minutes early and was filled with high energy innovative discussion!  This Statement of Achievement Worksheet will guide you in creating a clear and identifiable terminus for every meeting you have!

Bonus #5: blind test our decisions worksheet

Have you ever experienced a meeting where you thought everyone was in agreement and perfectly aligned? But then days later you find out that some people on the team had a totally different understanding of what actually was decided in the room?  With the Blind Test Worksheet, you can guarantee that every person on your team has a perfectly clear understanding about what your team has decided!

Bonus #6: team purpose audit

The majority of teams fail the most fundamental test: Why does this team exist?  And when your team is unclear or confused about its core purpose, team dynamics are virtually guaranteed to be fraught with conflict.  So give your team a quick audit with this Team Purpose Audit to discover, and assuage, any underlying confusion and misalignment.

Bonus #7: choose team members worksheet

Have you ever chosen someone for a team that was disruptive?  Or didn't add enough value? Or didn't really need to attend your meetings regularly?  Never again choose the wrong people for your team with the Choose Team Members Worksheet.  You'll be guided through a series of tests to assess whether someone is the right fit for your Core Team or whether you're better served by making them a member of your Resource Team.

Bonus #8: questions to prompt deeper thinking

Teams can be ruined when a few people are too loud and dominant.  And when others are too quiet and passive.  And when groupthink sets in.  And when there's not enough creativity.  That's why we're giving you the Questions That Prompt Deeper Thinking handout!  These questions force the members on your team to participate equally, think more deeply and challenge their assumptions.

Bonus #9: end of meeting assessment

The greatest team leaders know how to quickly assess and tweak their meetings and group dynamics, based on the feedback of their team members.  And that's what the End Of Meeting Assessment gives you!  Simply use this assessment at the end of certain meetings and gather immediate and actionable insight about how you can instantly tweak and enhance your group's effectiveness!

Course: The Science Of Leading Teams
Instructor: Mark Murphy, NY Times Bestseller
Lessons: 6
Length of Course: 70 minutes
Access: 1 Full year access
Exclusive Bonuses: 9 Worksheets/Assessments
Price: $395

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