How to Be Assertive Without Being Viewed as Pushy (30-Day Recording)

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Assertiveness can make managers and employees feel more empowered and fulfilled, and make them much more effective. But being assertive is hard for leaders, because they fear being perceived as pushy or overbearing (or even a jerk).

Take an example from the healthcare industry: nurses can sometimes feel intimidated by physicians.  And when they feel intimidated, they're much less likely to stop a physician from making a medical error or doing something that could endanger the patient. So assertiveness not only makes for a better workplace, it can literally save lives.

Assertiveness can create the kind of win-win communication that every company needs. Healthy assertiveness skills can even reduce conflicts and aggressiveness in the workplace.

You'll learn:

  • How to communicate with confidence and composure, and stand up for yourself and your staff
  • How to say "No" assertively
  • How to say “No” when a coworker wants you to break the rules
  • How to say “No” when a boss or coworker tries to intimidate you
  • The best way to deal with difficult people, give constructive feedback and correct problems
  • 2 words that non-assertive people MUST stop saying immediately
  • How to make requests of others with confidence
  • How to measure your own assertiveness, so you'll know exactly where your current skills stand, and on which areas you should focus your improvement efforts

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