How to Inspire and Retain Your High Performers (30-Day Recording)

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This will make your head spin: In 42% of companies, high performers are LESS engaged than low performers. What?!?!!??

Leadership IQ recently conducted a study of 207 organizations where we matched engagement survey data with employee performance appraisal results. The annual performance evaluation ratings were provided by the organizations, and the engagement scores came from our employee engagement survey. Our study found that in 42% of the 207 organizations (i.e., 87 companies), high performers were less engaged than low performers.

This was such big news that just about every media outlet in the world covered our study; including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, HR Executive, Harvard Business Review, and even Rush Limbaugh and NPR.

Anyone who's had a real job for more than a few years knows the demoralization that comes from being a high performer surrounded by low performers; getting burned out by carrying their load, and resentful over a lack of recognition great work. This is reality for many high performers.

And also, the psychology of high performers is often different than that of other employees. High performers will typically have more Achievement and Adventure drivers, and less Affiliation and Security drivers, than average employees. And if their managers don't pay attention to this psychology when they're assigning work, giving recognition, etc., they further risk demotivating their high performers.

This 60-minute webinar called “How To Inspire & Retain Your High Performers” will show you:

  • The 3 psychological drivers that high performers have (that middle and low performers often lack)
  • What to do when your high performers seem "maxed out"
  • An effective "retention" conversation script and the best time and place to hold that conversation (using our famous Shoves & Tugs model)
  • How to know when our conversations with high performers are NOT hitting the most critical issues
  • Understand your retention priorities, and invest your efforts wisely
  • Deal effectively with "the money issue" - then move past it
  • How to eliminate the fear that holds many managers back from asking the most important questions
  • How to build trust and get candid feedback from your high performers
  • How to assess - and foster - the confidence that will bring out the best in your people
  • How to set "HARD Goals" for high performers with maximum psychological impact
  • How to assess high performers' perception of the costs and benefits of working for this organization
  • How to tell if one of your high performers is contemplating leaving

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