Managing Layoffs Without Destroying Your Culture (Recording)

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If your company is undertaking a layoff, be forewarned: Your surviving employees are not going to work harder out of gratitude. In fact, their productivity will plummet, their morale will be terrible and errors will skyrocket. If you don’t manage your layoff process to keep surviving employees engaged and productive, you might lose all your supposed cost-savings through lawsuits, errors, lost productivity, and more.

According to our famous study on CEO firings (featured in BusinessWeek), more CEOs get fired for losing the support of their employees than they do for losing money. So how do you conduct a layoff that gets the support of BOTH the people who leave and the people who stay (and maintains the credibility of leadership)? Layoffs are never pleasant, but if you know exactly what to say and how to say it (as well as what words you should NEVER say), you can cut costs without destroying your culture or your credibility or the long-term health of your organization.


  • 15-Question Assessment that tests whether your organization is ready to conduct layoffs (and if not, what specifically you need to do to prepare)
  • 4 questions that surviving employees will always ask
  • How to shorten the grieving process without being insensitive
  • 5 steps that every layoff process must address
  • 6 conversations you should always avoid (Negotiating, Soft-Pedaling, Arguing, Disintegrating, Blaming, Reading)
  • How to improve employees’ productivity after a layoff without destroying their morale
  • What causes Survivor Guilt and how you eliminate it
  • 3 ways for senior executives to engage with staff without prolonging the grieving process
  • What is the 11-Second Rule and how to use it in delivering a layoff message
  • Whether and when you should consider non-layoff alternatives (like hiring freeze, natural attrition, induced redeployment, early retirement, voluntary pay reductions, involuntary redeployment , etc.)
  • How to respond when layoff conversations get off track

We'll be answering these questions (and more)...

  • How do you keep surviving employees productive and positive after a layoff?
  • How do you prepare managers to deliver a layoff message?
  • Why do you only have 11 seconds to deliver the layoff message?
  • Are there viable alternatives to layoffs?
  • How do you overcome Survivor Guilt?
  • Who should deliver the layoff message (managers, executives, HR, etc.)?
  • How much interaction should you have with the surviving employees?
  • What questions do surviving employees always ask?


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