Psychological Tactics That Make You A Winning Negotiator (30-Day Recording)

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Every aspect of your career is subject to how well you negotiate; from your salary to your job title to getting your big proposal approved.  Yet, most leaders are doing a terrible job at negotiating.  In one study, 70% of people actually accepted deals that were so bad they were financially worse than not having a deal at all!  (This is a psychological flaw called ‘Agreement Bias.’)

Recently there’s been an explosion of groundbreaking psychological science that’s being used to win negotiations.  And if you haven’t diligently kept up on all the latest science, you’re probably getting taken advantage of and losing negotiations.

In this program, called Psychological Tactics That Make You A Winning Negotiator, you’ll learn the science you need to avoid losing negotiations (and create exponentially more value for yourself and your company).

No other negotiation training has ever compressed this much science and tactical advice into a 60-minute program.

You’ll learn…

  • The shocking Nobel-prize winning research that shows why your proposal is more likely to be accepted if it’s stated in terms of what the other side stands to lose rather than what they have to gain (i.e. Prospect Theory)
  • Why using highly specific numbers rather than round numbers has improved negotiated deals by as much as 47%!
  • Why negotiators are more likely to accept an offer that includes two smaller gains than one big gain
  • How negotiating in teams of 2 or 3 people can reduce your odds of accepting bad deals by nearly 50% (i.e. avoiding ‘Agreement Bias’)
  • How carefully revealing your priorities in a deal can improve your negotiation outcomes by 10%
  • Why starting with a large number of components or features and allowing consumers to scale down from there leads to the much higher money deals than starting with a basic product and asking consumers to build onto it (aka the Endowment Effect)
  • The psychological quirk that explains why selling potential, rather than past achievements, has actually led to 200-600% more successful outcomes
  • How one study proved that by focusing on goals rather than worrying about what might be lost, negotiators gained an average of $4 million in extra value from their negotiations
  • Why science shows that you actually SHOULD make the first offer in negotiations, and how your opening offer creates a psychological anchor that correlates 80% with the final resolution
  • How a recent study showed that changing the location of your negotiation (from their office to your office) improved final deals by 160%

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