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As a leader, are you ever frustrated by talented people with difficult attitudes, resistance to change, bad hires, lack of teamwork, and feeling frazzled by the sheer volume of work?

Well, now you don’t need to travel to get the answers to all these challenges. You can now get A STARTER SET of the most advanced leadership training all delivered online. We’ve taken our renowned leadership seminar and packaged into an online curriculum called The Science of Leadership Academy- Starter Set.


As soon as you purchase, you get access to an online library with 30 videos grouped into 6 critical leadership competencies. And you get to watch these programs as many times as you want over the next 12 months! That’s like having an executive coach sit inside your computer helping you for an entire year!

Each video is short and to the point, so if you only have 15-20 minutes (on your computer or mobile device), you can still squeeze in amazing leadership training.


We don’t offer fluffy platitudes. We teach you the specific scripts to handle drama queens and blamers. Manage remote employees. Deliver killer presentations. Bring your boss bad news. And so much more. Here are a few sample comments from real attendees of Leadership IQ training…

I’m probably not your typical attendee since I’m a university professor. But, I’m a HUGE fan. You must hold the world record for packing the most useful and usable information into just an hour! Thanks for making me better at what I do!
Rob Gilbert, Ph.D. / Professor of Applied Sport Psychology / Montclair State University (NJ)

This program was amazing, and absolutely loaded with practical tools for the rough-and-tumble world of management.
Kim Thai, Senior Manager, Johnson & Johnson

This was the most complete and intensive leadership program that I have ever attended. This training far outweighs anything on the market.
Nick Jordan, Senior Director, Uniden


These courses are backed by our cutting-edge leadership research featured in Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNN, NPR & more.


Each video is taught by Mark Murphy, founder of Leadership IQ. He’s a New York Times Bestselling author and writes the “People Pain Points” column at Mark has lectured at The United Nations, Harvard Business School, Microsoft, MasterCard, and more. And he’s consistently rated as one of the world’s Top 30 Leadership Gurus.


Here’s a listing of all the courses in the Science of Leadership Academy, with the duration of each video module (mm:ss).

The Science of Giving Constructive Feedback
Module 1 – Feedback Assessment (5:35)
Module 2 – Setting the Right Goals for Feedback Conversations (4:53)
Module 3 – Fact Based Communication – The FIRE Model (10:36)
Module 4 – Skills & Attitude Determine Performance/Create a Performance Grid (4:59)
Module 5 – 6 Feedback Conversations to Avoid (7:49)
Module 6 – The IDEALS Script for Delivering Constructive Feedback (18:03)
Module 7 – Feedback Conversations with Talented Terrors (14:07)
Module 8 – The Science of Giving Constructive Feedback Quiz

The Science of Leading Change
Module 1 – Understanding the Basic Model of Change (10:53)
Module 2 – The Why, Where and How of Change (19:02)
Module 3 – Readiness for Change Assessment (9:21)
Module 4 – Overcoming Personal Resistance to Change (12:27)
Module 5 – The AVER Technique (8:43)
Module 6 – The Science of Leading Change Quiz

The Science of Managing Teams
Module 1 – Identifying Team Purpose (13:09)
Module 2 – Putting the Right People on the Team (12:02)
Module 3 – Challengers, Implementers, Analyzers and Diplomats – Four Personalities Found in Teams (7:55)
Module 4 – Improving Team Dynamics (11:34)
Module 5 – Team Decision Making (10:09)
Module 6 – Structuring Effective Meetings (16:52)
Module 7 – The Science of Managing Difficult Personalities Quiz

The Science of Managing Up
Module 1 – Understanding the Boss’s Perspective (12:08)
Module 2 – Tailoring Communications to Intuitive, Functional, Analytical and Personal Preferred Styles (10:38)
Module 3 – Building Trust with the Boss (11:01)
Module 4 – Delivering Bad News to the Boss (12:50)
Module 5 – The Science of Managing Up Quiz

The Science of Resolving Conflict
Module 1 – Overview (12:42)
Module 2 – Conflict Between You and Another Person (16:53)
Module 3 – Conflict Between Employees (18:07)
Module 4 – The Science of Resolving Conflict Quiz

The Science of Taking the Pain Out of Performance Reviews
Module 1 – The Process of Performance Reviews (19:17)
Module 2 – Making Performance Review Conversations (10:31)
Module 3 – High and Middle Performer Conversations (12:47)
Module 4 – Low Performer Conversations (14:54)
Module 5 – Goal Setting (8:09)
Module 6 – The Science of Taking The Pain Out of Performance Reviews Quiz

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