Truth At Work 2-Day Seminar

Leadership IQ

$1,295.00 USD 


New York Times bestselling author Mark Murphy delivers the latest science and techniques for delivering tough messages without causing anger or defensiveness. 

This seminar is an intense 2-days that gives you the tools to become expert in the science of delivering tough messages.

In this training you'll learn:

  • How to deliver the toughest messages without causing defensiveness or anger
  • Create a culture of truth, candor, trust, resilience and accountability
  • How psychological phenomena like cognitive dissonance and the Dunning-Kruger effect cause people to deny, resist or attack the truth
  • How Structured Listening helps you calmly and logically control volatile conversations
  • The 7 phrases that make people defensive (and what you should say instead)
  • Tackle “taboo topics” and “sacred cows” without bruising egos or starting turf wars
  • Manage the personalities who drag their feet, play politics, and are passive-aggressive
  • Resolve disagreements fully to increase buy-in and commitment
  • Foster real teamwork, make smarter decisions, spark innovation, and solve problems more quickly

This 2-day seminar does NOT include the certification option.  If you want that, you need to click here.

Be sure to read the information in the tabs below!  Also you can download a BROCHURE for this program here.



    Module 1: Understand the Truth-Killers (or Why We Resist The Truth)

    • Discover the biggest reasons why people fail to accept the truth
    • Confident Unawareness (and the Dunning-Kruger Effect)

    Module 2: Focus On The Facts

    • Learn how every conversation has four layers: Facts, Interpretations, Reactions and Ends (the FIRE Model)
    • How to drop all the interpretations, reactions, and ends (IRE, the emotional baggage, judgment, and negativity) to focus on the facts
    • How ‘trigger words’ (like ‘always,’ ‘never,’ ‘forever,’ ‘impossible’ and ‘constantly’) can ruin Truth Talks

    Module 3: Take Their Perspective

    • Discover the science of Perspective-Taking
    • How to climb inside your truth partner’s mind and see the situation from their perspective
    • How Perspective-Taking has led to others liking us 19% more and feeling 78% more empathy towards us

    Module 4: Set Your Goals

    • How 3 bad goals ruin difficult conversations
      • I Want An Apology.
      • Admit You Were Wrong.
      • Feel Bad For What You Did
    • Discover the 6 Months Later Technique (and the science of Temporal Distancing) to reduce negative emotions and make tough conversations more productive


    Module 5: Start A Conversation, Not A Confrontation

    • How to use the 5-Step I.D.E.A.S. script to immediately get others to lower their defensiveness and join you in having a true dialogue
      • I: Invite them to partner
      • D: Disarm yourself
      • E: Eliminate blame
      • A: Affirm their control
      • S: Set a time limit
    • How the Power Of Questions helps you discover the source of other people’s resistance

    Module 6: Create A Word Picture

    • Why it’s impossible to have tough conversations when everyone has a different definition of the truth
    • The science of creating Word Pictures; a tripartite definition that transforms abstract concepts into concrete examples that anyone can understand 

    Module 7: Listen With Structure

    • Why Structured Listening is so much more powerful than older techniques like active listening
    • The 3-Steps to effective Structured Listening: Eliciting, Listening and Confirming
    • 7 Bad Phrases that tell others “we’re not listening” including: “Griping about it won’t make it better” and “Maybe it's a blessing in disguise” and “Don't worry; you’ll get over it”
    • Take the Test “Do You Listen With Empathy?”

    Module 8: Share The Facts

    • How to turn backward-looking conversations into Forward-Looking Conversations
    • How to overcome The Softness Problem, including The Compliment Sandwich, Shirking and Advice
    • How to overcome The Toughness Problem, including Blaming and Cocksureness.
    • How to speak the truth when you DO and DON’T have formal power (e.g. you’re the Subordinate, Colleague or Boss)





    August 15, 16
    8:30-4:30 EACH DAY
    The Metropolitan Club
    Willis Tower
    233 South Wacker Drive
    67th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60606

    September 26, 27
    8:30-4:30 EACH DAY
    The Commerce Club
    191 Peachtree Street NE
    49th Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    The seminar will have continental breakfast and lunch each day.  Hotel accommodations, if necessary, are the responsibility of each participant.  Leadership IQ will provide a list of nearby hotels for your consideration.


    Mark Murphy, Founder and CEO of Leadership IQ.

    Through his groundbreaking research, Mark Murphy has created some of the biggest ideas in leadership. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, weekly contributor to Forbes, and ranked as a Top 30 Leadership Guru. With a reputation for brilliant, yet immediately actionable, insights about leadership, he’s lectured at the United Nations, Harvard Business School, the Clinton Foundation, Microsoft, MasterCard, SHRM, and hundreds more organizations.

    His leadership techniques and research have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., CNBC, CBS MarketWatch, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and more. He has also appeared on ABC’s 20/20, CBS News, Fox Business News, CNN and NPR.

    Mark has lectured at...


    Module: Execute Without Excuses
    How to get every employee focused on hitting their goals
    How to align employees’ goals withyour goals
    How to give motivating andconstructive feedback
    Why only 31% of employees clearlyunderstand their goals
    The 3 rules for hardwiring accountability

    Module: Do More Coaching And Less Managing
    • 6-question test to assess if you have the “coaching mindset”
    • How coaching changes when you’re focused on performance issues vs. goals
    • Understand the difference betweencoaching vs. managing vs. mentoring
    • 3 sentences you should say at thebeginning of your coaching sessions
    • How to stop using feedback (which focuses on rehashing past history) and instead use Constructive Dialogue

    Module: Finding Time To Be ALeader
    How to distinguish between GreenLight, Yellow Light, Orange Light and Red Light Work
    Identify and eliminate the Top 10timewasters that consume leaders’ time
    Checklist for teaching employeeshow to clarify and complete work assignments so that you don’t have to wastetime constantly checking-up on them after you delegate
    Eliminate some of your misusedtime with a 3-part Meeting Achievement Checklist that makes every meeting 17minutes shorter

    Module: Deliver ConstructiveFeedback Without Making People Angry
    How to use Fact-BasedCommunication to “delayer” your conversations (Facts, Interpretations,Reactions, Ends)
    How to script for delivering toughmessages without making the recipient defensive or angry
    How to avoid the “trigger words”that instantly make people defensive
    The “Compliment Sandwich”: What itis and why you shouldn’t use it
    How to “Restart” and “Redial”conversations that aren’t working and how to get them back on the right track

    Module: How Leaders Can Deliver KillerPresentations
    How a new presentation formatcalled "Assertion-Evidence" makes your slides 11% more memorable
    The secret technique thatneurologists know for making your message unforgettable (and planting it deepin peoples’ brains)
    How CEOs of Apple, Google andStarbucks deliver killer presentations in just one sentence
    How to speak effectively to the 4distinct personality types you’ll find in every audience
    2 new web-based presentationtechnologies that are way slicker than PowerPoint (and will have your audienceamazed)

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