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  • PAGE 2-- This Characteristic Could Make Your Employees 136% Happier With Their Careers 
  • PAGE 6--This Psychological Bias Will Stop You Procrastinating On Your Goals 
  • PAGE 10--This Psychological Trick Will Help You Release Anger And Resentment Faster 
  • PAGE 14--Saying This One Sentence Can Make You 19% More Likable 
  • PAGE 18--This Psychological Quirk Explains Why We Struggle To Compliment Employees 
  • PAGE 28--To Keep Your Stars From Hating Performance Appraisals, Use A Proudest Moments List 
  • PAGE 32-- CEOS Are 66% More Likely To Have This Personality Characteristic 
  • PAGE 40--One Simple Tool For Controlling Loudmouths In Your Team Meetings 
  • PAGE 54-- The Dunning-Kruger Effect Shows Why Some People Think They're Great Even When Their Work Is Terrible 
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Mark Murphy, is the founder of Leadership IQ, a New York Times bestselling author, contributor to FORBES & CNBC. and rated as a Top 30 Leadership Guru. Mark's reputation as leadership training expert is also why he's lectured at The United Notions, Harvard Business School, Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, Merck, and more.

Mark has written some of the most practical and insightful leadership books ever. And his leadership techniques and research have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., CNBC, CBS MarketWatch, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and more. He has also appeared on ABC's 20/20, CBS News, Fox Business News, CNN and NPR.

Some of his most well-known research studies include “Are SMART Goals Dumb?,” “Why CEO's Get Fired,” “Why New Hires Fail,” “High Performers Can Be Less Engaged,” and “Don’t Expect Layoff Survivors to Be Grateful.”


This book needs to be mandated in every business school! This book is an early-warning system for every leader! Every leader’s got their own style, but rarely are leaders and executives taught the pitfalls and potential of their leadership style. 

Keith Schwebel
Principal, KSNY

A great book to have or give to another leader! Mark's other books helped me understand, motivate, and deal with other people. This book is helping me understand myself and how my personality motivates the people around me. 

Dennis Hoffman
CEO of EngageUSA

Adapt your leadership style to any situation! The greatest leaders know how to adapt and change their leadership style. Mark Murphy has cracked the code on how leaders can thrive in any situation by making simple tweaks to their style! 

Robin D. Hafitz
Founder, Open Mind Strategy, LLC