Are You “Engaged” At Work?

Shocking fact: Up to 94% of employee engagement is driven by employees themselves, not by bosses or companies.

So here’s what you need to do: Take the “self-engagement” assessment.  See if you’re doing the right things to be more engaged, motivated, and fulfilled at work (after all, who doesn’t want life at work to be better?).

Click here to begin the assessment!

After you take the assessment, you’ll immediately receive an 18-page report, with your personal scorecard on 36 key characteristics, that will show you:report1

  • Are your goals exciting enough to help you get ahead at work?
  • Have you given up control of career to your boss (and how do you get it back)?
  • Are you recovering quickly enough from emotional setbacks at work?
  • Does your day ‘get away from you’ as soon as you walk in the door?
  • Are you currently setting yourself up to suffer from burnout?


And when you take this free online assessment, and you get your free report, you will be making a significant contribution to the first worldwide research project of its kind on “self-engagement”.