Employee Retention Training

Employee Retention Training

Nearly half of employees are looking for other jobs. Employees are quitting their jobs far more frequently than before the pandemic. There are currently more than ten million open jobs. The likes of the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and record levels of employee burnout haven't been experienced in our lifetimes.

That's why our Employee Retention Training gives your organization's leaders elegantly simple (and research-backed) tools for immediately keeping and inspiring your best people.


Uncover Shoves And Tugs
Here is one of the most important lessons about retaining and engaging your employees: everyone has Shoves and Tugs. Shoves are issues that demotivate you, drain your energy, stop you from putting forth maximum effort, and make you want to quit; they "shove" you out the door. Tugs are factors that motivate and fulfill you, make you want to deliver maximum effort, and keep you coming back every day; they "tug" at you to stay. Using our proven Shoves And Tugs Conversation Script, your leaders will instantly uncover how to inspire and retain your employees.

Where To Put Your Retention Efforts
Assuming you’ve got limited time and money with which to retain your most important people, where do you expend your resources? High performers are obviously more important to keep than low performers, and hard-to-replace jobs are more important than easy-to-replace jobs. But how do you reconcile these two issues? Using our Retention Priority Map, you'll discover exactly where (and with whom) you need to focus your employee retention efforts.

Listen For Burnout, Disengagement, Quitting Signs, And More
Conducting the Shoves and Tugs conversations will test every leader's ability to listen deeply and empathically. It's not enough to ask employees what's demotivating them; we have to truly hear and internalize their responses. So we teach leaders techniques and research to dramatically increase their ability to listen deeply, empathically, and without defensiveness.

Quick Win Solutions
Once you've discovered each of your employees' Shoves and Tugs, you're ready to start taking action. In many cases, the fix for removing Shoves and adding Tugs will be self-evident. To help you move even more quickly in addressing your team's Shoves and Tugs, we give leaders quickly implementable techniques for addressing a number of common Shoves and Tugs.

Instantly Bond New Employees To Your Company 
The reality is that turnover rates in the first 90 days are higher than for any other period of employment. Leadership IQ studies have found a wide range of early turnover, from as low as 2% to as high as 50% in some companies. Our studies also found that companies whose leaders focus on building bonds with their employees in the first 90 days retain more employees during that initial period and tend to retain them longer overall. What we have learned from those companies is to put out the welcome mat and bring them into the fold.

How To Keep An Employee Who Just Quit
If you believe that the adage "If you love somebody set them free" applies here, then you're putting yourself in a losing position. Most people are unwilling to accept a goodbye from a major client; they call them, make personal visits, send gifts, and log countless hours of wooing. Yet these same people often just give up when an employee, even a stellar one, says that they want to leave. We teach leaders a 3-step process that will have you fighting and winning the battle to keep your employees when they tell you that they want to quit.

Turn Former Employees Into Boomerangs, Clients, and Liaisons
When people leave their company on good terms, they tend to keep that company on their mind. They see it as either a good place to work, a good place to patronize, or a good place to refer to others. When people leave remembering that they generally liked working for your company, they can become Boomerangs, Clients, and Liaisons (with the right approach).

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