Reopening Anxieties: Your Blueprint For Getting Employees Back To The

Reopening Anxieties: Your Blueprint For Getting Employees Back To The Office [Perpetual Access Download]

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Employees (and leaders) have lots of anxieties about coming back into the office. Will it be safe? Am I comfortable expressing my concerns? Why can’t I stay remote? How do I get back into a routine? 

A recent study found that 45% of companies are already struggling with workers who are reluctant to return to their workplaces! Employee fears and ambitions, and issues like childcare, transportation, and health issues, will all figure into an employee’s willingness to return to the office.

To manage and quell those anxieties, you'll be getting real-life examples of checklists, decision-trees, surveys, staffing plans, and more from top companies around the world!



In this special 2-hour masterclass called "Reopening Anxieties: Your Blueprint For Getting Employees Back To The Office Online Masterclass" you're going to learn...

    Assessing Employees’ Feelings About Returning To The Office

    • A 6-Question Back-To-The-Office Readiness Assessment to diagnose how mentally-prepared your employees are to return to working in your office (BONUS: you get the questions to use in a Word doc so you can launch an internal survey immediately)
    • The 5 Sources Of Greatest Anxiety for employees returning to the office
    • 7-Question Remote-Working Assessment that reveals which parts of WFH have been great (and should be kept) and which ones are NOT working well (and should be eliminated) (BONUS: you get the questions to use in a Word doc so you can launch an internal survey immediately)

    The Benefits of A Back To Work (BTW) Taskforce

    • 6 Key Roles your BTW Task Force needs to have (and how to select the best people for each one)
    • 13-Item BTW Checklist (from office layout to employee screening to communications to manager training) that will tell you when you’re ready to open the doors to your office
    • 24 Questions You Must Answer before you can reopen the doors to your office (from travel to HR policies to sick employees to customer interactions)

    How To Conduct 1:1 Employee Conversations To Surface and Solve Their Anxieties

    • The 4-Part Script for talking with employees who are ANXIOUS about returning to the office (to nip-in-the-bud potential compliance issues down the road)
    • The 3-Step Empathic Listening Process
    • 7 Phrases Leaders Should Never Say when employees are sharing their fears and problems
    • Why having 1:1 Conversations can reduce legal risk (if done correctly)

    Building A Process For Handling Screening & Sick Employees

    • 4 Questions you must answer to develop a protocol for when an employee has been identified with COVID or COVID-like symptoms
    • How to create a Decision Tree (with real-life examples) for helping managers react when an employee might be sick
    • How to develop Employee Symptom & Isolation Protocols
    • How having Clear Formal Policies can help you mitigate legal risk 

    Preparing The Office

    • 4 Physical Office Interventions you should start making now
    • 5 Critical Areas you need to plan interventions for, including High Risk Areas, High Risk Intersections, High-Touch Devices, Low Risk Areas, Enclosed Spaces
    • How to Stagger People Spatially & Temporally (including avoiding Rush Hours)

    How Leaders Can Build Greater Trust During Crises

    • 3 Steps for Building Trust between leaders and employees
    • 4 Communication Tips from Crisis Communicators to immediately increase your trust and credibility
    • Why leaders who express Vulnerability are 10 times more likely to have engaged employees

    Prioritizing & Staging Which Employees Come Back First

    • 4-Phase Process for bringing employees back into the office (including a Tiered Workforce Plan)
    • How to clearly define staff priorities and identify which employees should start coming back to the office first (and those who can wait)
    • Why bringing back teams ‘full throttle’ could be against your local health regulations (and how to use a Staged Approach)
    • 2 Questions you must ask to avoid getting into legal hot water when choosing WHO to bring back



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