Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence Webinar (Recording)

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This is a recorded webinar. As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email that gives you access to watch the program for as many times as you want for 1 year. You will also get access to download the slides.

Emotional Intelligence is more predictive of leadership success than raw brains or years of experience.  People follow leaders with high Emotional Intelligence, and quickly leave leaders with low Emotional Intelligence.  And a lack of Emotional Intelligence is one of the top reasons why new hires fail. 

If you have Emotional Intelligence, you will likely be a great success. And if you don't, the odds are not in your favor.  Presented by New York Times bestselling leadership guru Mark Murphy, this program will teach you how to develop Emotional Intelligence. 

Each participant will receive the 20-question Emotional Intelligence assessment to measure your current Emotional Intelligence and identity opportunities for further development.

This program is built on the tripartite emotional intelligence model of Self-Awareness, Other-Awareness and Emotional Management.

You'll learn to develop self awareness, to figure out what makes you tick, what situations set you off, how to avoid them, and how to maintain great emotional control.  Imagine how much your career will benefit if you can avoid those occasional outbursts that cause trouble down the road.  Even the greatest leaders have moments they wish they could take back, and we'll teach you how to avoid them in the first place.

You'll learn how to read other people.  You'll become significantly more aware of what others are thinking and feeling, and how to be much more accurate in determining why people act the way they do.  Imagine how much more effective you'll be as a leader when you can anticipate how others will react and adjust your behavior to have the most positive impact.

You'll develop emotional management skills to manage and influence others' emotions.  You'll learn how to defuse and deescalate tense situations, to bring people out of their shell, link people together and turn seemingly messy situations into clearly predictable opportunities for great leadership.


This 60-minute webinar called “Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence” will show you:

  • Take the 20-question Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • The science of Self-Awareness: the ability to identify & understand your own emotions
  • The science of Other-Awareness: the ability to identify & understand others’ emotions
  • The science of Emotional Management: the ability to manage & influence emotions
  • 8-part exercise to understand your emotions, why you react and act the way you do, so you can initiate or avoid certain situations, and rehearse and prepare for situations based on your likely reactions
  • 3 steps to significantly increase your ability to quickly and accurately read other peoples’ emotions
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is the #2 reason why new hires fail

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