How Great Managers Drive Employee Engagement 4-Week Online Certificate

How Great Managers Drive Employee Engagement 4-Week Online Certificate Program [JUNE 17TH]

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Managers impact employee engagement more than anything else!

If you really want engaged employees, you can’t dump everything on HR and hope they magically fix it all...managers MUST be the driving force!

This 4-week course, called How Great Managers Drive Employee Engagement, gives managers all the tools they need to increase employee engagement.

With the latest data, dozens of immediately actionable tools and scripts, and a step-by-step plan, every manager will learn how to drastically increase their employees’ engagement!

Every company that wants to increase employee engagement needs to send their managers to this course!

Here's The 4-Week Program Curriculum:

Each module in the program includes approximately 1-hour of video presentation. In addition to the video modules, each week will include one assignment to ensure you learned that week's content. Each participant can expect to spend around 2 hours per week on viewing the video course and coursework. Here is a listing of all the modules:


In this module we’ll dive into data to discover what really creates engaged employees, and the results will surprise you! You’ll learn:

  • The surprising generational differences between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers when it comes to engaging them
  • Why lots of employees don’t want a “friend at work” and what they actually want instead
  • How to quickly pinpoint what motivates & engages your employees (e.g., Security, Adventure, Achievement, Power, or Affiliation)...and what that means for your engagement strategies
  • How hybrid/remote working impacts employee engagement (including how many people actually want to work remotely, what days they want to work from home, and the activities they want to do when they’re in the office)
  • Specific words that employees say when they’re disengaged, burned out, and thinking about quitting
  • The Corporate Culture that gets the highest employee engagement
  • The top Quality Of Life factors that employees most want from your company


Some leaders have radically higher levels of employee engagement than everyone else, and this module teaches the specific techniques they use to achieve their results. You’ll learn:

  • The exact script for Stay Interviews (using our famous Shoves & Tugs model) that pinpoints the fastest ways to engage EACH of your unique employees
  • The emotional intelligence technique that instantly builds trust and engages people
  • The management script for getting employees more connected to (and aligned with) your company’s strategy
  • Precisely How Many Hours Per Week Leaders Need to Talk With Employees to actually increase their engagement
  • The 7 Phrases That Leaders Should NEVER Say when they’re trying to be emotionally sensitive and engage their team
  • The 6 words that the best leaders say when discussing employee engagement with their teams


Gone are the days when you could give employees a few trinkets and expect that they’ll immediately be inspired. In this module, we’ll teach the science of employee recognition (using psychology and behavioral economics) and give you practical low-cost solutions to recognize and inspire your people. You’ll learn:

  • The psychological bias that is causing leaders to not compliment high performers enough and how to overcome it
  • The Proudest Moments technique that tells you every employee success you need to recognize
  • The 3-part recognition script for giving quick and easy positive reinforcement to your employees
  • New trends in employee recognition 
  • How to quickly incorporate employee recognition into your team meetings
  • Avoiding the insincere employee recognition strategies that always backfire
  • Timing your employee recognition for maximum impact


Employee engagement shouldn’t be a once-a-year activity with a brief flurry of activity. The most engaged cultures integrate little bits of employee engagement into every daily/weekly routine (making it more powerful and much easier).

  • The 5-minute employee engagement exercise you should add to the end of every team meeting
  • The 6-Part Monday Afternoon Meeting that builds employees’ resilience and helps them overcome stressors during the week
  • The 6-Part Friday Morning Meeting that builds employees’ engagement and helps them cast the previous week in a more positive light
  • Tactics for conducting Listening Sessions to surface employees’ hidden frustrations (and how often you need to conduct them)
  • How often you should bring employees into the office to boost their engagement
  • The monthly goal-setting exercise that keeps employees constantly engaged
  • How often you need to discuss your company values to keep your team aligned and connected
  • How to set Quarterly Themes to give you fresh & attention-grabbing employee engagement activities


STARTING THE WEEK OF JUNE 17TH,  you’re going to take 1 course per week for 4 weeks. (You are not required to login at any set time, so each week you may work on the courses at times that work best for your schedule).

Each week, you’ll watch approximately 1-hour of a video course, and then complete one assignment to hardwire your learnings and take one brief quiz to ensure you learned that week’s content. You can expect to spend around 2 hours per week between the videos and the coursework.

You may work ahead and you will not be penalized for falling behind, but ALL MODULES, ASSIGNMENTS AND QUIZZES MUST BE COMPLETED BY 11:59 PM (PST) ON THE FINAL DAY OF THE PROGRAM. The final day of the program is Sunday, July 14, 2024. This is a 4-week program and certificates will not be issued if all coursework is not completed by the deadline.

If your colleagues want to participate, that's great! We offer GROUP DISCOUNTS for groups of 5 or more leaders from the same organization. Simply contact Jill Sutherland (Director of Client Services) at 800-814-7859 or

To advance your career, and inspire the confidence of your team, you need proof that you’ve learned How Great Managers Drive Employee Engagement.  (And it looks GREAT on your LinkedIn profile and resume). And if you’re going to train multiple leaders in your organization, you want to know which leaders have progressed through the necessary training and have the skills to lead successfully. To get your certificate, you'll take a test following the 4-week program (and because you watched all the program modules, it will be easy for you to pass with flying colors)!

The program is set up at a pace of 1 course per week. You are not required to login at any set time so you may work on the courses at times that works best for your schedule. You may work ahead and you will not be penalized for falling behind, but ALL MODULES, ASSIGNMENTS AND QUIZZES MUST BE COMPLETED BY 11:59 PM (PST) ON THE FINAL DAY OF THE PROGRAM. The final day of the program is July 14, 2024. This is a 4-week program and certificates will not be issued if all coursework is not completed by the deadline.

Simply click the red "Register" button to purchase your registration and secure your spot in the course. Each registration is for a single user only. Please contact Jill Sutherland at if you are interested in registering multiple participants. THE PROGRAM START DATE IS MONDAY, JUNE 17TH. On Friday, June 14th, each participant will receive an email with their login information to access the course.

While we don't formally offer a specific accredited CEU/PDU (because there are so many different state & professional associations), many of our attendees will send the program description to their particular accrediting body and apply to have that training hour(s) counted. We hear that many of our attendees have been successful with that approach. THIS PROGRAM DELIVERS 4 CONTACT/COURSE HOURS.  


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