The Secrets of Killer Presentations [Perpetual Access Download]

The Secrets of Killer Presentations [Perpetual Access Download]

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$299.00 USD 

YOU GET PERPETUAL ACCESS TO THIS PROGRAM! There are no renewal fees ever. A few minutes after you purchase the program, you will receive an email with information to access the download of the video program (video mp4 format) and the pdf slides. There's no need to license individual users as you get unlimited access within your organization. You can upload the video into your own LMS or shared drive (or just watch the program directly). And you get pdf files for all handouts. (Please note that these programs are only for your company's employees/leaders and are NOT licensed to share outside your company or for resale. If you want to offer these programs to your clients or others, please visit our Partnerships page).

When you have to make a presentation, don’t you wish you could morph into a presenter like the late Steve Jobs for the hour?

Think how great that would be. Your audience leaning forward to experience what you have to say about your company, its products, its strategy all because YOU can connect with that audience on emotional and intellectual levels that keep them riveted to your message.

In this 1-hour masterclass, “The Secrets of Killer Presentations,” you will learn what Jobs and other powerful presenters know — the tips, tools and techniques that you can use to connect powerfully with your audience and transform your presentations into can’t-miss visual experiences.

We’ve compiled the latest presentation skills from neurologists, visual designers, speech writers and psychologists, PLUS the most cutting-edge presentation technologies from companies like Google and Prezi, and packed them into a 60-minute masterclass that will get you up to speed with the best presenters in the business. We’ll show you how to keep your audience riveted on the edge of their seats (and not sitting back in their chairs, arms folded, half-asleep).

The trick is learning how to develop a stage charisma that will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level and keep them riveted to your message. After you attend this 1-hour masterclass, The Secrets of Killer Presentations, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself, sell your big strategy, land that big client, impress the Board, get your project funded, and more. Your presentation skills will set you apart.

Of course, you could choose to continue to be like most presenters who trudge through a pile of text-heavy slides, boring their audience to sleep, never conveying the one thing an audience actually needs to hear. Or maybe you’re already an effective presenter, but you’re looking for a few tips to take your presentations to the next level.

Here are the 12-plus tips, tools and techniques you’ll learn. Adding just one of these tips to your presentation arsenal will make you a more effective presenter. Adding 10 or more will make you a killer presenter, second only to people like Steve Jobs.

See if this is what you’re looking for:

  • Key questions to ask your audience that keep them awake, feeling like your message was designed for them, and too engaged to start checking their email
  • The secret technique that neurologists know for making your message unforgettable (and planting it deep in peoples’ brains)
  • How to use a specific storytelling technique proven to entice your audience in the first 30 seconds
  • How to make PowerPoint jump off the screen (and not look like PowerPoint)
  • How CEOs of Apple, Google and Starbucks deliver killer presentations in just one sentence
  • How to create a presentation roadmap that keeps you on track and your audience engaged
  • New presentation technologies that are easier and more versatile than PowerPoint
  • 3 visual designs that need to be in your next presentation
  • How to speak effectively to the 4 distinct personality types you’ll find in every audience
  • How to develop “stage charisma” whether your audience is big, small or even online
  • New online technologies that radically improve attentiveness during webinars and teleconferences
  • 2 critical changes you must make to adapt your live presentation for an online audience
  • How Analogies, Pain, Stories and Facts help you connect to your audience on an emotional level and create the “wow” factor you need to drive your message home