Becoming Superhuman with AI [Perpetual Access Download: 4 Hour Program

Becoming Superhuman with AI [Perpetual Access Download: 4 Hour Program]

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$995.00 USD 

YOU GET PERPETUAL ACCESS TO THIS PROGRAM! There are no renewal fees ever. A few minutes after you purchase the program, you will receive an email with information to access the download of the video program (video mp4 format) and the pdf slides. There's no need to license individual users as you get unlimited access within your organization. You can upload the video into your own LMS or shared drive (or just watch the program directly). And you get pdf files for all handouts. (Please note that these programs are only for your company's employees/leaders and are NOT licensed to share outside your company or for resale. If you want to offer these programs to your clients or others, please visit our Partnerships page).


This 4-hour program is now available for perpetual access download. That means that every person in your company can watch this program, as many times as they want, with no renewal fees ever! You'll get immediate access to download the course files, (you can also put them into your LMS or shared drive), and start mastering AI.

This program has four 1-hour courses (for a total of 4 hours of training) and guides every single employee and leader step-by-step to get the AI skills to become superhuman. From writing reports, to analyzing data, to responding to customers, to creating graphics, Becoming Superhuman With AI gives you the exact ways with AI to accomplish your work in seconds.

We don't just introduce you to AI – we equip you and your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools to harness AI, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your industry. Even for people that have never used any AI tools, this course takes you from the very beginning to master the tools.


Enhanced Productivity: Automate routine tasks to focus on strategic work.
Improved Decision-Making: Utilize AI for insightful data analysis.
Innovative Problem-Solving: Foster creativity and innovation through AI.
Advanced Communication Skills: Refine business communications with AI.
Data-Driven Insights: Gain competitive insights from complex data analysis.
Streamlined Operations: Improve efficiency and reduce process redundancies.
Strategic Event Planning: Plan and execute events more effectively with AI.
Enhanced Creativity: Generate innovative visuals and marketing content.
Competitive Advantage: Maintain industry leadership with cutting-edge AI.
Empowered Workforce: Boost job satisfaction and retention through development.



Course 1: Getting Started with AI (1h 9m)

Wondering how to get started immediately?

  • How to set-up and start using the latest AI tools (all of the essentials to get you started in minutes)
  • Streamlining communication: Using AI to draft emails and meeting follow-ups, freeing managers to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Scenario-based AI utilization: How to leverage ChatGPT for planning activities like an office move, understanding potential considerations and issues.
  • Effective prompting for AI tools: Mastering the art of crafting prompts that provide enough context for ChatGPT to deliver valuable and precise outputs.
  • Applying AI in unique contexts: Exploring various ways to integrate ChatGPT into different business needs and workflows to enhance decision-making and productivity.
  • AI-driven task delegation: Learning how to offload routine work to AI, allowing managers to concentrate on high-value strategic activities.
  • AI-enhanced problem-solving: Gaining insights into how AI can identify opportunities for improvement or innovation within competitive analysis.
  • Time and schedule coordination: Utilizing AI to resolve scheduling conflicts and plan meetings across different time zones efficiently.
  • Discover the often-overlooked AI techniques to generate volumes of innovative ideas, and how to prompt AI for maximum creativity.

Course 2: Advanced AI Writing and Problem-Solving Techniques (1h 2m)

Do you ever write memos, reports or emails?

  • Enhancing business writing skills: Learning to use ChatGPT to improve writing productivity and quality, with hands-on examples for various business writing tasks.
  • Idea generation with AI: Using ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, summarize reports into slides, and tailor messages for different audiences, thereby acting as a creative thought partner.
  • Writing style transformation: Experiencing how ChatGPT can adapt to and mimic different writing styles, including changing text to resemble the tone of renowned authors, enhancing writing versatility.
  • Strategic use of AI in communications: Applying ChatGPT to analyze and revise business communications, such as memos or emails, ensuring they align with organizational dynamics and emotional intelligence.
  • Effective meeting management: Utilizing AI to generate varied and assertive ways to keep meetings focused or decline meeting invites respectfully yet firmly.
  • Aligning behaviors with corporate values: Leveraging ChatGPT to identify behaviors that either contradict or exemplify core company values, particularly around feedback and continuous learning.
  • Presentation preparation with AI: Converting book chapters into engaging presentation slides, deciding on appropriate graphics, and summarizing key points for impactful communication.
  • Engaging seasoned professionals: Creating discussion questions and materials that facilitate meaningful dialogue among experienced executives, particularly on topics like employee surveys.
  • Customizing AI responses: Tailoring ChatGPT outputs to specific professional contexts, enhancing its utility as a versatile tool across various managerial functions.

Course 3: AI for Data and Analytics (1h 1m)

Ever struggle to get insight from a spreadsheet?

  • Data and text analysis integration: Learning to combine numerical data and textual analysis to uncover insights, demonstrating AI's capacity to synthesize diverse information types.
  • Enhancing content engagement: Using AI to evaluate article headline performance, identify key engagement drivers, and generate optimized titles to increase reader engagement.
  • Data cleaning and organization: Applying AI to standardize and clean data sets, such as reformatting inconsistent name lists, enhancing data usability and analysis readiness.
  • Financial analysis with AI: Leveraging AI to analyze financial statements, calculate ratios, forecast sales, and identify potential financial concerns, equipping managers with comprehensive financial overviews.
  • Decision-making support: Employing AI to analyze complex consumer decisions, integrating multiple factors and preferences to aid in reasoned decision-making processes.
  • Advanced statistical analysis: Utilizing AI's Code Interpreter feature to conduct sophisticated statistical analyses, create visualizations, and identify trends or patterns in customer data.
  • Targeted marketing insights: Extracting actionable marketing intelligence from customer data analysis, identifying key demographics, and crafting targeted strategies to maximize customer spending.
  • Strategic communication: Developing AI-generated memos and presentation materials to communicate financial strengths, concerns, or marketing strategies to stakeholders effectively.
  • Practical application scenarios: Engaging in real-world scenarios to apply AI's analytical capabilities, aiding in decision-making and strategic planning.

Course 4: AI for Image & Graphic Creation and Advanced Internet Activities (1h 4m)

Ever need better images for slides or reports?

  • Introduction to AI-generated imagery: Exploring the capabilities of DALL-E and Midjourney to create original images from text descriptions, enhancing visual content with AI creativity.
  • Deep dive into AI images: Understanding its advanced features for creating more detailed and realistic images, and learning how to tailor image generation with specific prompts.
  • Exploring artistic prompts: Enhancing image results by applying artistic skill and creativity in prompts, understanding the influence of style and bias in AI-generated imagery.
  • Advanced image customization: Utilizing aspect ratios, style variations, and direct messaging for personalized image generation, tailoring visuals to specific needs.
  • Integrating AI in event planning: Employing AI systems with internet access, like Bard and Bing, to assist in organizing business events, from selecting locations to planning activities.
  • AI for decision support in event logistics: Creating comparison tables and gathering contextual information on venues, accommodations, and activities to facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Creative problem-solving with AI: Leveraging AI to generate visual and textual content that aids in brainstorming, planning, and presenting ideas effectively in a corporate context.