Unleashing Your Professional Superpowers [AUGUST 5TH]

Unleashing Your Professional Superpowers [AUGUST 5TH]

Leadership IQ

$349.00 USD 

SESSION START DATE:  August 5, 2024
SESSION END DATE:  September 8, 2024

Your frontline employees want training to enhance their careers! When you invest in training your employees, you retain them, they’re more engaged, and they become your future leaders.

This 5-week course is designed specifically for your individual contributors.

Based on the five habits and mindsets that drive career success, this course helps your employees unleash their professional superpowers!

With skills like managing upwards, increasing productivity, embracing change, learning from feedback, and boosting proactivity, this course will grow and develop your frontline employees.

Show your team that you seriously care about their career growth. Give individual contributors the skills to advance and enhance their careers. Your employees will thank you!

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STARTING THE WEEK OF AUGUST 5TH, you’re going to take 1 course per week for 5 weeks. You are not required to login at any set time, so each week you may work on the courses at times that work best for your schedule. Each week, you’ll watch a video course, and then complete one assignment to hardwire your learnings and take one brief quiz to ensure learning.  Expect to spend around 2 hours per week total.


You may work ahead and you will not be penalized for falling behind, but ALL MODULES, ASSIGNMENTS AND QUIZZES MUST BE COMPLETED BY 11:59 PM (PST) ON THE FINAL DAY OF THE PROGRAM. The final day of the program is Sunday, September 8th. This is a 5-week program and certificates will not be issued if all coursework is not completed by the deadline.


If you have a group of 10 or more, you have the option of having your own cohort and selecting the date you would like your group to start. At no additional charge, we can also provide you with weekly updates on your participants' progress and talking points for internal follow up on the content.


We offer GROUP DISCOUNTS for groups from the same organization. FOR CUSTOM GROUP PRICING, Simply contact Jill Sutherland (Director of Client Services) at 800-814-7859 or jill@leadershipiq.com


Once you've successfully completed the course, you'll get your CERTIFICATE to showcase your mastery. It looks great on your LinkedIn profile!



In the real world, your relationship with your leaders has a huge impact on your ability to succeed. The stronger your relationship with your boss (and your boss’s bosses), the more success you’ll have. Managing upwards is not manipulation – it’s about understanding your leaders’ strengths, weaknesses, goals, styles and needs so that you can make them – and yourself – amazingly successful. You’ll discover how to:

  • Boost your leaders’ trust with the 3-part script for delivering positive reinforcement “upwards”
  • Amplify your leaders’ confidence by reducing the 3 fears that every leader has about their direct reports
  • Implement the 9-part framework for delivering bad news to your boss to keep their confidence and solve underlying problems
  • Discover the 8 questions you should always ask when your boss gives you an assignment (that ensures you exceed their expectations)
  • Galvanize your “informational power” so your leaders turn to you for insights and suggestions
  • Discover which of the 4 Communication Styles your leader has so you can adapt your messaging and build more support


We all suffer from the “busyness disease.” Over 60% of working Americans say they don’t have enough time to do the things they want to do. But we have a lot more time than we think we do. One study found that people who say they work 75-hours per week overestimated their working time by about 25 hours! There are 4 kinds of work that consume our time: Green Light, Yellow Light, Orange Light and Red Light Work. But only Green Light Work will give you a successful career. Most people spend less than 30% of their week on Green Light work—the other 70% is spent on Yellow, Orange and Red Light Work, that range from easily postponed to complete wastes of time. You’ll discover how to:

  • Enact the Daily Goal-Setting Exercise to immediately improve your focus and prioritization
  • Discover and harness your Zone of Optimal Productivity (the 2-3 hours every day where you’re at peak performance)
  • Reveal your personal Green Light, Yellow Light, Orange Light and Red Light Work (and a Grid to plot your major activities) to maximize your personal productivity
  • Uncover your Top 10 hidden timewasters (and how to eliminate them)
  • Implement the 3 steps to overcome the Sunday Night Blues
  • Adopt the 2-part script to (nicely) stop people from interrupting and distracting you
  • Enact your personal script for saying “No” and creating boundaries
  • Utilize 2 scientific discoveries for reducing procrastination


Do you see change as an opportunity or do you fear/resist it? You may find that, like most people, you feel some anxiety and discomfort in the face of change. While it is normal to feel this unease, fear of change can quickly snowball into a destructive force throughout an organization. This module will help you reframe your reactions to change and give you the tools to overcome resistance to turn any change into an opportunity. You’ll discover how to:

  • Transform negative beliefs about change into positive opportunities using the 3-part cognitive restructuring script
  • Accelerate your change-readiness with the 5-part Benefit-Finding Exercise (to reveal hidden benefits of every change)
  • Utilize 1-sentence to prevent yourself from spiraling into negativity and anxiety about change
  • Strengthen your coworkers’ buy-in for change with three simple phrases
  • Reveal the hidden clues about what changes are coming next at your organization (so you can prepare yourself ahead of time)


If you live in the real world, at some point you're going to get some tough criticism. Even world-famous CEOs receive blistering criticism. But why do some people take tough criticism and use it as a catalyst for extraordinary success, while others get defensive, completely missing their opportunity to get useful information? In this module, you’ll discover how to glean nuggets of insight from every bit of criticism, and handle it all analytically and unemotionally. You’ll discover how to:

  • Enable the 3-step reframing process for identifying at least one positive nugget of insight from every bit of criticism
  • Dissect tough criticism into Facts, Interpretations and Reactions so you can react more logically and analytically (and not feel personally attacked or defensive)
  • Ask 2 questions of your bosses and colleagues to predict tough criticism so you're not surprised (giving you more calm and control)
  • Master the ‘Temporal Distancing’ visualization technique that immediately reduces negative emotions and even lowers blood pressure
  • Adopt the 4 words you should always say when you receive tough criticism
  • Utilize the 1 simple gesture that slows people down when the criticism turns toxic


Optimistic people are 103% more inspired to give their best effort at work. And proactive personalities are 106% more inspired. Optimists actively work to generate well-being for themselves. Proactive personalities generally achieve more, including higher salaries and more professional prestige. Behavioral health research has found that people with these mindsets typically experience more career success, better health, less anxiety, and lower stress. In this module, you’ll learn specific techniques to drastically and immediately enhance your optimism and proactivity.You’ll discover how to:

  • Use the 10-Minute Reframing Exercise to look at your situation with more optimism (and less pessimism)
  • Enact the 7-part Self-Efficacy Exercise that bolsters your confidence that you can survive stressful times, no matter how tough or scary
  • Implement the he 7-Part Resilience Exercise to discover your unrealized sources of resilience
  • Discover hidden reasons to feel optimistic and confident using the 4-Part Optimism Exercise
  • Ignite the ‘Reason-Based Choice’ mental switch that focuses your mind on the positive instead of the negative
  • Avoid the 8 words that proactive and optimistic people rarely use
  • Initiate a 4-part conversation with your boss to immediately anticipate their needs and increase your proactivity