Get Certified To Teach Truth At Work: The Science Of Delivering Tough
Get Certified To Teach "Truth at Work: The Science of Delivering Tough Messages"
The greatest workplaces have one thing in common; they speak the truth without causing anger, resentment, or defensiveness. Unfortunately, a whopping 80-90% of people are reluctant, or struggle, to speak the truth.

In this exciting online certification program, New York Times bestselling author Mark Murphy provides the science and tools for calmly and rationally leading people to speak the truth, accept new information, and embrace even the toughest messages. Watch the video to learn about this exciting online train-the-trainer program >>>>
After you complete this online program, you’ll be certified to teach others the science of delivering tough messages. Whether you’re an internal trainer or an independent consultant, this certification will immediately enhance your reputation, credibility and career. And you’ll be delivering tremendous value to your organization or clients!

In this training you'll become an expert in the science of delivering tough messages and will learn:
  • How to deliver the toughest messages without causing defensiveness or anger
  • Create a culture of truth, candor, trust, resilience and accountability
  • How psychological phenomena like cognitive dissonance and the Dunning-Kruger effect cause people to deny, resist or attack the truth
  • How Structured Listening helps you calmly and logically control volatile conversations
  • The 7 phrases that make people defensive (and what you should say instead)
  • Tackle “taboo topics” and “sacred cows” without bruising egos or starting turf wars
  • Manage the personalities who drag their feet, play politics, and are passive-aggressive
  • Resolve disagreements fully to increase buy-in and commitment
  • Foster real teamwork, make smarter decisions, spark innovation, and solve problems more quickly
And as a certified trainer you’ll learn how to deliver this training in any timeframe, from full-day to 1-hour
Pricing for Internal Trainers
  • Investment of $1695 for 2 years access
  • Unlimited training participants
  • $1000 for each 2 years after that
To get started or learn more, contact Jill Sutherland at or 800-814-7859
Pricing for Independent Consultants
  • Investment of $5295 for 2 years access
  • Unlimited training participants
  • $3000 for each 2 years after that
To get started or learn more, contact Jill Sutherland at or 800-814-7859
To get started or learn more, contact Jill Sutherland at or 800-814-7859 today!
Here's an outline of all of the modules in this online certification program...
Video #1: Introduction
  • Understanding the 3 critical elements of a Truth Talk
  • Why speaking the truth is so critical to your organization’s success (and what happens if your organization is less-than-truthful)
  • Why people are so afraid to share the truth
  • The 8-Step Truth At Work Process
Video #2: Understand the Truth-Killers (or Why We Resist The Truth)
  • Discover the biggest reasons why people fail to accept the truth
  • Confident Unawareness (and the Dunning-Kruger Effect)
  • Perceptual Resistance (and Selective Perception)
  • Psychological Resistance (and Cognitive Dissonance)
  • Financial Resistance
Video #3: Focus On The Facts
  • Learn how every conversation has four layers: Facts, Interpretations, Reactions and Ends (the FIRE Model)
  • How to drop all the interpretations, reactions, and ends (IRE, the emotional baggage, judgment, and negativity) to focus on the facts
  • How ‘trigger words’ (like ‘always,’ ‘never,’ ‘forever,’ ‘impossible’ and ‘constantly’) can ruin Truth Talks
Video #4: Take Their Perspective
  • Discover the science Perspective-taking
  • How to climb inside your truth partner’s mind and see the situation from their perspective
  • How Perspective-Taking has led to others liking us 19% more and feeling 78% more empathy towards us
Video #5: Set Your Goals
  • How 3 bad goals ruin difficult conversations (I Want An Apology, Admit You Were Wrong, Feel Bad For What You Did)
  • Discover the 6 Months Later Technique (and the science of Temporal Distancing) to reduce negative emotions and make tough conversations more productive
Video #6: Start A Conversation, Not A Confrontation
  • How to use the 5-Step I.D.E.A.S. script to immediately get others to lower their defensiveness and join you in having a true dialogue
  • I: Invite them to partner, D: Disarm yourself, E: Eliminate blame, A: Affirm their control, S: Set a time limit
  • How the Power Of Questions helps you discover the source of other people’s resistance
Video #7: Create A Word Picture
  • Why it’s impossible to have tough conversations when everyone has a different definition of the truth
  • The science of creating Word Pictures; a tripartite definition that transforms abstract concepts into concrete examples that anyone can understand
Video #8: Listen With Structure
  • Why Structured Listening is so much more powerful than older techniques like active listening
  • The 3-Steps to effective Structured Listening: Eliciting, Listening and Confirming
  • 7 Bad Phrases that tell others “we’re not listening” including: “Griping about it won’t make it better” and “Maybe it's a blessing in disguise” and “Don't worry; you’ll get over it”
Video #9: Share The Facts
  • How to turn backward-looking conversations into Forward-Looking Conversations
  • 6 conversations to avoid, including The Compliment Sandwich, Shirking and Advice
  • Mastering the phrase “Let’s focus on what we CAN control”
  • How to tell when the other person has had a ‘lightbulb moment’
Video #10: Truth at Work: Review
  • Applying the 8-Step Truth At Work Process
  • How to shorten a Truth Talk when necessary
  • When you need to use all 8 steps and when you can skip a few
Video #11: Truth at Work: Essentials
  • This module shows you how to deliver a 60-minute or 90-minute Truth At Work Training Session for situations where you have to deliver training in a very short timeframe.
  • This module can also be shown directly to your audiences if you want them to have a perfectly consistent training experience.
Video #12: Trainer Guide
  • This module teaches you how to deliver the Truth At Work Training to your audiences in full-day, half-day or 1-2 hour formats.
  • You will work through all the slides and topics to see which ones to include or skip depending on the length of the training session you’ll be delivering.
To get started or learn more, contact Jill Sutherland at or 800-814-7859 today!
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