Hiring For Attitude Consultations


How much more successful would your organization be if all employees were as effective as your best performers? Would your company make more money? Have better quality and service? Attract and retain more customers? Of course, your organization would be more successful in every conceivable way.  Let us build the complete Hiring For Attitude system for your organization!  

While attitudinal issues are much more predictive of a new hire’s success or failure, the typical interview process fixates on ensuring that candidates are technically competent. But, do technical skills really matter if the employee isn’t open to improving, alienates their coworkers, lacks drive or has the wrong personality for the job?

The financial cost of hiring failures (lost productivity, irritated customers, management time, hiring a replacement, etc.) coupled with the cost of missed opportunities can be millions of dollars, even for small companies.
The Hiring for Attitude system gives you…

--A detailed ‘success profile’ of the unique attitudes and behaviors that separate stars from mishires at your organization (i.e. Brown Shorts Profile)
--An attitudinal interviewing system, with customized interview questions, screening questions, scoring forms and answer guidelines to consistently evaluate every candidate
--Advanced interviewing training & certification for every hiring manager to test and develop their individual ‘eye for talent’
--Recruiting messaging that attracts candidates fitting your success profile (and repels undesirable candidates), so that only the best candidates apply in the first place

If you would like to learn more about our Hiring for Attitude consulting, just complete the form. Or you can email Jill Sutherland directly at jill@leadershipiq.com