Protecting the Mental Health of Your Employees During a Crisis Online Masterclass (On-Demand Recording)

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This is a 2-hour on-demand (recorded) program. As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email that gives you access to watch the program for as many times as you want for 1 year. You will also get access to download the slides.

Your employees’ mental health is at risk. Most employees are scared, anxious, stressed, and even depressed. And isolation is only worsening their mental health.

But the best leaders and mental health experts have been surviving & thriving in crises for decades. And now we’ve assembled the best techniques (and a step-by-step action plan) for you to “Protect The Mental Health Of Your Employees During A Crisis.”

This 2-hour online training is loaded with the specific scripts, processes, and checklists to safeguard your employees’ mental health during this crisis!

This program is co-taught by leadership expert and New York Times bestseller Mark Murphy AND Dr. Andrea Burgio-Murphy, a clinical psychologist and expert on mental health responses in crisis situations.


Topic #1: Using ‘Psychological First Aid’ To Quickly Decrease Employees’ Anxiety
• The 3-Step Psychological First Aid Process used by thousands of mental health ‘first responders’ to quickly decrease anxiety (and move people into emotionally-healthy problem solving)
• 7-Question Emotional Stress Test to immediately assess the psychological wellness of your employees
• How to quickly triage and pinpoint which employees need the most help
• 3 Techniques From Mental Health ‘First Responders’ that they use to keep themselves emotionally recharged during intense stress

Topic #2: The Step-By-Step Plan For Protecting & Improving Your Employees’ Mental Health
• The Daily & Weekly Plan (from 1:1 sessions to team meetings) to immediately start helping your employees cope
• The 4-Part Script For 1:1 Videoconferences With Each Employee to assess and triage their current levels of stress and anxiety
• Agenda For ‘Emotional Support’ Team Videoconferences to bring your team closer together and give them greater hope and comfort (including handling withdrawn or aggressive employees)
• 3 Rules For Running Team Videoconference Meetings (including what phrases to say and not say) that increase ‘psychological safety’

Topic #3: Exercises To Use With Your Team To Increase Their ‘Optimism’ And ‘Internal Locus Of Control’ (To Stop Them From Feeling Hopeless And Give Them A Feeling Of Control)
• The 1-Sentence For Improving Personal Control that every leader needs to teach their employees
• The 10-Minute Reframing Exercise to teach employees how to look at their situation with more optimism (and less pessimism)
• The 7-Part Self-Efficacy Exercise that bolsters employees’ confidence that they can survive tough times, no matter how stressful and scary
• The 4-Part Daily Reflecting Exercise For Employees that gives them a ‘booster shot’ of control, optimism and confidence that they’ll get through these tough times

Topic #4: How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Speak With Their Team To Immediately Improve Calm And Inspiration
• 15 Words To Avoid when speaking with emotionally-fragile employees
• The Quick 4-Step Goal-Setting Process for giving employees an inspiring sense of purpose during tough times (with real-life CEO examples)
• 3 situations where you should use emotional language (and when you should NOT use feeling words)

Topic #5: Why Empathy Is Vital And How To Quickly Teach Leaders Empathic Skills
• The 3-Question Empathic Listening Test to quickly assess and improve your empathic listening skills
• 4 Communication Mistakes That Ruin Empathy (including cross-examining, monologuing, silence discomfort, and more)
• 5 Phrases That Instantly Ruin Empathic Listening (including ‘we’re all worried right now’) and the 3 phrases leaders should say instead
• The 3-Step Script For Empathic Listening to instantly comfort and connect-with your employees (including specific phrases & questions to use right away)

Topic #6: How To Do ‘Cognitive Restructuring’ To Help Employees Control Negative Feelings
• The 5-Step Cognitive Restructuring Process (with script and worksheet) to help employees overcome and manage their negative feelings
• 2 Steps To Stop Catastrophizing and deescalate spiraling negativity and anxiety
• Common mental mistakes that cause emotional distress (and how to help employees self-correct them)

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