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Are you tired from overly dramatic employees who make every mistake or hurdle into a federal case? Or meetings filled with people who just want to gripe about everything they can’t control?

Look out your office door… Is every one of your employees just executing without excuses? Are they fully accountable, passionately driving huge results, without any drama or hassle?

Or, are some of your employees making excuses or finger-pointing, maybe even a bit entitled, and their passion is lacking?

Some organizations have hardwired a drama-free culture. Their employees take ownership, they’re passionate, driven, collaborative, open, and make absolutely no excuses. And after studying hundreds of these companies, we’ve identified the best practices that drive their success and make them such calm grown-ups who do their jobs without the drama.

This 60-minute webinar called “Creating A Drama-Free Workplace” will show you:

  • 8 Question “Accountability Test” so you can diagnose the levels of accountability (and drama) in your organization
  • 4 Conversations that leaders MUST have with employees to eliminate drama and get them to execute without excuses:
    • Candor Conversation
    • Ownership Conversation
    • No Excuses Conversation
    • Planning Conversation
  • 3 mistakes leaders are currently making that are causing employees to feel entitled and encourage drama
  • 6 words that help leaders avoid getting sucked into employee drama and conflicts
  • The 5 Stages of Accountability (Denial, Blame, Excuses, Anxiety & Accountability) and how to navigate them
  • The 1 question you must ask at the end of every meeting to hardwire accountability and avoid drama about missed deadlines or assignments
  • How to use “line of sight” goals to keep your employees aligned, on track and fully accountable (and a 9-minute meeting you should have every morning that reinforces those goals)
  • 5 step Personal Development Plan that forces every employee to take personal responsibility for, and ownership of, their career and the organization’s future
  • Powerful performance management tool called Word Pictures that translates accountability into concrete behaviors for every employee
  • Specific script for giving constructive feedback in a drama-free way that gets employees to take ownership for their own performance and personal improvement
  • How some of your HR processes are inadvertently causing drama, and how 3 simple fixes can turn drama into accountability


MMark Murphy shown with books; Founder of Leadership IQark Murphy, Founder and CEO of Leadership IQ.

Through his groundbreaking research, Mark Murphy has created some of the biggest ideas in leadership. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, weekly contributor to Forbes, and ranked as a Top 30 Leadership Guru. With a reputation for brilliant, yet immediately actionable, insights about leadership, he’s lectured at the United Nations, Harvard Business School, the Clinton Foundation, Microsoft, MasterCard, SHRM, and hundreds more organizations.

His leadership techniques and research have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., CNBC, CBS MarketWatch, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and more. He has also appeared on ABC’s 20/20, CBS News, Fox Business News, CNN and NPR.

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The live webinar event is on FRIDAY, AUGUST 21ST AT 1PM EASTERN.

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"I'm probably not your typical attendee since I'm a university professor. But, I'm a HUGE fan. You must hold the world record for packing the most useful and usable information into just an hour! Thanks for making me better at what I do!"
Rob Gilbert, Ph.D. / Professor of Applied Sport Psychology / Montclair State University (NJ)

"The program - "Taking the Pain out of Performance Reviews," was great. This is an area which is beneficial to all in management. I especially liked the "real life" content and the tools that can be applied instantly."
Hope M. Pergantis / Manager of Pharmacy Training - California / Kaiser Permanente

Thank you very much . . . an excellent session with extremely valuable, useable information and suggestions.
Michael R. Stewart / Human Resources Department / Andrews McMeel Universal

I was fortunate enough to participate a four part Leadership IQ e-Learning series presented by Mark Murphy that helped enhance my leadership skills. Each class was informative, pertinent, and helpful to my position at the Firm. I found this course, “The Science of Managing Remote Employees”, equally beneficial. The material is presented in a format that is logical and easy to understand, and more importantly relevant to today’s work environment. The information is backed up with reputable research and examples you can relate to in real life. I look forward to more Leadership IQ e-Learning classes in the future.
Rudisill, James H. / Director of Pittsburgh Marketing Operations / Reed Smith LLC

“Our leaders love Mark Murphy's fresh approach for developing a multi-generational workforce.. They find the LMS site easy to use for team discussions and practice and for challenging each other to become stronger leaders. We strongly recommend Leadership IQ for anyone wishing to grow personally and professionally in their leadership skills.” –Sandy Lee, Executive Vice President / Plus Relocation

“Leaders at our company have enjoyed listening to the webinars provided by Leadership IQ. We have found them to be engaging, applicable, and relevant to today’s challenging working environment.”

Stephanie Messer, Manager- Human Resources / Plus Relocation

Dealing with Bullies and Intimidators was a great session. I was anxious to attend as I work with and for some toxic people. This program has now provided me with the tools to avoid being their target, identify warning signs, and becoming assertive and in some instances protective of myself. I normally would submit for reimbursement for classes but I am treating this as a therapy session and it was well worth the price. I will review all the information until it becomes a natural response for me. It will also be a great reference point for further conversations with both my staff (who are awesome) as well as my colleagues and my superiors with whom some of the struggles come. Thanks for all the insight!
Mary Yelton / Card Fraud Manager / Computer Services, Inc.

Science of Managing Remote Employees was Great! We really enjoyed the session. Very relevant for us with 5 offices and 2 additional remote employees. Well done!
Nancy S. LaBier / Director of Human Resources / Meketa Investment Group, Inc.


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