Never Ask Employees If They're 'Satisfied' On Employee Engagement Surveys

An employee is truly “engaged” when they are FIRST, giving 100% effort, SECOND, utilizing their full talent potential, and THIRD, working to develop their talent set even further. When employees are meeting all three criteria, their emotional states will also be characterized by a deep sense of fulfillment, pride and even excitement.

By contrast, satisfaction, a concept often measured by questions like “Overall, I am satisfied with company ABC” or “I am satisfied with my job” is a significantly weaker concept. In fact, satisfaction is too weak to help you improve employee engagement.

Let’s imagine you score a perfect 7 out of 7 on this “satisfied” question. What does that really tell you? It says, “Absolutely, I am satisfied.” It does not say “I give 100% effort to this organization in order to deliver exceptional service to our customers.” 

The real question is whether you want a workplace where satisfied people are passively content OR one where high-achievers give 100% effort to achieve extraordinary goals.

Practically every CEO I’ve ever talked to wants employees giving 100% effort. 

Check out this video where I take a deeper dive into which questions your survey should use as 'dependent variables' and how satisfaction fits into these concepts.



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