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Why Choose Leadership Courses Online

Why are Leadership Courses Online so popular? For starters, they give management the professional development and leadership development they need to stay competitive.  But what leadership skills do managers and executives actually need? Our research has identified 8 areas of management where today's managers and executives need much more leadership development.

Emotional Intelligence is more predictive of leadership success than raw brains or years of experience. People follow leaders with high Emotional Intelligence, and quickly leave leaders with low Emotional Intelligence. And a lack of Emotional Intelligence is one of the top reasons why new hires fail. Learn how to develop self-awareness, to read other people, and develop emotional management skills. One of the biggest areas where executives and managers need leadership development is with emotional intelligence.

One of the reasons that billionaires like Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban have reached such heights, and are such effective leaders, is that their goals are clear and their days are laser-focused. There are four kinds of work that consume leaders’ time: Green Light, Yellow Light, Orange Light and Red Light Work. But only Green Light Work is goal focused and will make you an effective leader. In this program, you'll learn how to outline your goals, establish your passion for those goals and then cut it down to what you need to do today to reach those goals. Effective leadership typically starts first with controlling and managing your time.

Managing has its place, especially when there’s a crisis, but it’s coaching that instills inspiration and confidence in people and challenges them to grow, develop and unleash their full potential. In fact, great leaders typically use more coaching than managing. Coaching is intrinsic; it examines psychological considerations: Why do you want to do certain things? Where do you see yourself going? What is it that’s driving you right now? that encourage employees to develop emotional connections to their work so they want to be high performers. In this program we'll work with you on learning the five big coaching competencies of Mindset, Goal-Setting, Framing, Listening and Questioning.

A Harvard Business School study found that 70% of change management efforts fail and a Leadership IQ study found that mismanaging change is the number one reason why executives lose their jobs. Do we need any more reasons to master this critical leadership skill? This training course will show you how to hardwire change into your organization by creating the urgency and direction people need to successfully make the transition from where they are now to where you want them to go.

Not every person in your organization is going to be nice, pleasant and easy-going. But direct confrontation makes negative personalities even more difficult to manage and work with. We’ve identified the Big Five difficult personalities that drive the most conflict in organizations (Negative, Drama Queens and Kings, Narcissists, Blamers and Overly Sensitive) and we’ll share specific scripts and techniques for understanding and managing these difficult personalities. These skills offer on-the-fly conflict resolution and communication skills to stop issues before they infect your corporate culture.

Many of the leadership skills used inside the office simply don’t work with remote employees. In this program you'll be learning how to meet these unique management challenges by focusing on Connection (building the right bonds with remote employees), Alignment (ensuring remote employees are moving in the same direction), Accountability (making sure the work gets done) and Communication Skills (battling message degradation and other challenges with frequent and focused communications).

Teams are the foundation of every organization, but right now, 91% of teams are not fulfilling their full potential. Learn the strategies to connect and align teams through shared purpose and orientation. In our online leadership training course, you’ll learn techniques for streamlining meetings so they become value-added forums for making better, smarter decisions, how to address interpersonal team dynamics and methods for creating definable objectives and clear agendas so people show up to meetings focused, engaged and prepared (and stay accountable after meetings end).

A Leadership IQ survey of over 48,000 CEOs, managers and employees showed that only 13% of managers and employees and only 6 % of CEOs thought year-end reviews were effective. But high impact leadership actually requires strategies for improving performance reviews. A few mindset changes can turn performance appraisals into useful, productive, and meaningful adult-to-adult conversations. This training will show you how to leverage the key points that will radically improve performance reviews using techniques that can be implemented quickly and easily at both the HR and frontline manager levels.

Why You Should Choose Our Leadership Training Courses

Through engaging videos, cutting-edge content, and the latest leadership research, these leadership and management courses give you the best leadership development tools available anywhere. And each leadership training course includes tools so your training team can integrate our content into their own leadership development curriculum.


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