Quiz: What's Your Style of Change Management?

Posted by Mark Murphy on 02 February, 2017 Change Management, Leadership Skills, Quizzes | 2 comments
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  • Emily Wells - April 05, 2017

    In answering the questions my result indicated (correctly) that I practice an Evolutionary approach to change management.

    An example of this in practice is recently I worked with a medium size Government organisation (480 employees) in a HR Strategic capacity, part of my role included leading a period of change. Working closely with the Executive Leadership Team we used an Evolutionary approach as this gave time for people to adapt to the new way of doing things. Our communication included phrases such as: “One little step at a time.” and “Lots of little steps will make a big difference.” and “Little wins lead to the main prize.” and “Let’s celebrate ‘Wins’, the big ones and the small ones.”

    With the above situation we did have time on our side and could stretch a total organisational transformation over 2 to 3 years. However, I have also worked in situations that required a Revolutionary change approach due to economic reasons (i,e, downturn in the world economy) or rapid technical advances. In these situations, due to necessity, transformation occurred over a number of weeks or months rather than years.

    And Yes, I am not as comfortable leading Revolutionary change as this required me to work outside of my comfort zone. However in todays modern world change is as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun, the reality on workers are that they have to be open to change and be change resilient .

  • Ed Muzingo - February 29, 2016

    Taking the test as the position I hold right now. Should show that I can only do and go so far. I have no real authority to set major goals. They are set by management. I give the goals to the newer people on the floor, knowing they will try. The older people on the floor I find that we have a few that doesn’t care about their job. The few that do care, still have the feeling that management doesn’t see it. Whether I let them aware that I have let management know what has been accomplished or not. They sometimes will get set back a little due to the ones that truly doesn’t care about their job. How is the best way to handle these types? Is what I would like to know.

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