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Quiz: How Do Your Time Management Skills Stack Up?

We all suffer from the “busyness disease.” More than half of working Americans say they don’t have enough time to do the things they want to do. The scarcest resource professionals and leaders have is their time (not money or people or influence). Time. And it’s why the top frustrations of professionals and leaders are typically not having enough time, struggling to balance priorities, and reacting to everyone else’s priorities. Take this quiz to see how your time management skills stack up!
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Quiz: What Motivates You?

Through research with thousands of employees and leaders, we’ve discovered that there are five major motivations that drive people’s actions at work; Achievement, Power, Affiliation, Security, and Adventure. So take the test below to discover what motivates you.

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Quiz: Is Your Personality Suited To Working Remotely Or In The Office?

Some people have the personality to work remotely. These remote personalities are hard-charging go-getters with a self-motivated mindset. They’re fine working with fewer rules and more all-nighters. And they’re not fazed by the isolation, diminished emotional and administrative support, or the reduced collaboration and recognition of remote work. Take this quiz to see if your personality is suited to working remotely or in the office...
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Quiz: Could You Pass This Job Interview?

Thanks to research like our Hiring For Attitude project, interviewers are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  Are you up-to-date with the latest techniques?  Can you pass this job interview?

Quiz: What's Your Presentation Style?

We all have our own presentation style, but have you ever thought about how your particular style compares to others? And the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation style?
After years of research, my team and I have found there are four primary presentation styles: the Closer, the Data Scientist, the Director and the Storyteller.

Quiz: What's Your Communication Style?

Do you like to communicate with lots of data?  Or with gut feelings?  Do you like to speak step-by-step?  Or do you jump right to the end?  And do you know the upsides and potential downsides of your particular style?  Take this Communication Styles Quiz and see how your communication style rates... 
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Quiz: What's Your Style of Change Management?

How do you lead change? How do you think change should be led? Take this quiz to discover your change management style...

Negative Word Analyzer

Just type or copy/paste your email or speech or script or whatever into the box below. Then this app will match your text against the 2,000+ words that researchers have identified as ‘negative.’ Then you can take your email, script, etc. and rewrite it to make your upcoming communication a lot less negative (and thus heated and difficult).

Quiz: Does Your Job Require High Or Low Emotional Intelligence?

Research shows that in certain jobs, having higher emotional intelligence is actually correlated with lower job performance! The determining factor in whether emotional intelligence is positively or negatively related to job performance is called “emotional labor.” So take this quiz to see whether your job demands high or low emotional labor, and thus whether you need high or low emotional intelligence.

Quiz: How Good Is Your Employee Engagement Survey?

Many employee engagement surveys are in need of improvement. This quiz will help you diagnose your current employee engagement survey. 

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