Video: Don't Use Round Numbers In Negotiations

Video: Don't Use Round Numbers In Negotiations

If you will ever negotiate a job offer, a sales deal, or a project proposal, you simply cannot use round numbers!  Because if you use round numbers, rather than hyper-specific numbers, you will end up with a terrible deal! 

In this video, I reveal the science that shows exactly how you should be making your offers in negotiations! 


This is only one technique... There are so many other techniques I want to teach you, that are even more powerful!

And in our program Psychological Tactics That Make You A Winning Negotiator, you will learn mountains of techniques to become a master negotiator!

Every aspect of your career is subject to how well you negotiate; from your salary to your job title to closing the sale to getting your big proposal approved. Yet, most people are not negotiating the best deals!

But the good news is that there’s been an explosion of groundbreaking psychological science that’s being used to win negotiations. So don’t get taken advantage of and lose negotiations!

Check out our program, Psychological Tactics That Make You A Winning Negotiator!

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