Quiz: Do You Know How To Listen With Empathy? website

Quiz: Do You Know How To Listen With Empathy?

Imagine if people had zero empathy; if we couldn’t understand others’ perspectives. What kind of world would that be? Terrible, right?

Well, there are troubling signs that, in fact, the world is currently suffering from a major deficit of empathy; that we’re losing (or have lost) the ability and willingness to truly empathize with others. And that’s why this test of empathy is so important!

If we can refine and advance our own empathy, and specifically our ability to list with empathy, we might just be able to make the world, and our workplaces, dramatically better!

Posted by Mark Murphy on 12 June, 2017 Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, no_cat, no_recent, Quizzes, sb_ad_30, sb_ad_5 |
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