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Video: 100% Leader

Video: 100% LeaderWhen we talk about the different kinds of leadership styles, and becoming a 100% Leader, two essential dimensions are where we want to focus: challenge and connection.
100% Leaders challenge people to grow beyond, to transform, to achieve amazing things. 

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The Secret Fear That Causes Bosses To Micromanage

You’re sitting at your desk, intensely focused on writing that big report, when you start to feel a weird tingling on the back of your neck. You try to refocus, furrowing your brow and redoubling your efforts, but you can’t shake the disquieting sense that you’re being watched. Finally, you give up and slowly turn around in your chair, sincerely hoping there’s not an ax murderer lurking behind you.
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The Script That New Managers Need To Use When Meeting Their New Employees

New managers have a fair number of challenges; maybe they’re a manager for the first time, or taking over a new team that loved their previous manager, or they got promoted over some of the employees they now have to manage.
Whatever the situation, the first thing a new manager has to do, before sitting down and talking to all the people on the team, is to understand ‘what are my goals?’ and ‘what have I been put in this leadership role to accomplish?’

Three Tools To Inspire Innovation From Your Employees

Did you know that it was Google engineers and not the auto industry that started the race to produce a self-driving car? While the concept of an autonomous car dates back to at least the 1920s, it was Google engineers that matched a well-documented human pain: driver error causes millions of traffic deaths, with the building blocks to a solution: Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View.

Video: Dealing With Difficult People - Drama Queens

Dealing With Difficult People: Drama Queens
We've all had to work with drama queens and drama kings, and dealing with difficult people can be incredibly frustrating. But there is a very simple way to calm down drama queens and kings. Four simple words: “Just the facts please.”

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5 Ways To Help Employees Overcome The Excuse Mentality

ExcusesThe antidote to the excuse mentality is accountability where people take ownership, fix problems and bring solutions. Mentally and emotionally, accountability is where every leader wants their people to be. But accountability is not an either/or kind of phenomenon. Denial, blame, excuses and anxiety are all stages leading up to accountability that are part of the excuse mentality.

Video: Promoted to Manger

Promoted to ManagerLet's say you just got promoted to manager and one of your former co-workers, former colleagues, is pretty ticked off because you got the promotion and they didn't. How do you deal with this? It takes developing some interpersonal skills.

The Compliment Sandwich: What Is It And Why Is It So Bad?

One of the worst management techniques ever created is the Compliment Sandwich. The Compliment Sandwich was created as a way of giving somebody constructive criticism:
"Bob, you're just so talented. You're so smart. You might be the smartest person in the department. Your behavior...

Here Are 3 Leadership Skills That Managers Will Need In 2017

It’s cliché to say that "this is year is different." But I think most of us would agree that, yeah, this year is actually kind of different. And it’s not just all the political and societal changes we face; businesses are going to see changes, especially when it comes to their employees.
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The Dunning-Kruger Effect Helps Explain Why People Resist Hearing Constructive Criticism

Dan is a senior financial analyst and, in his mind, he’s the best one on the team. But according to his boss, while it’s true that Dan’s financial skills are very good, his emotional intelligence is virtually nonexistent. And Dan’s coworkers would describe him as smart but also narcissistic, abrasive and tone-deaf.
Dan could really benefit from constructive feedback to get his people skills closer to the level of his financial skills.