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Many Companies Aren't Being Truthful With Their Employees About The Challenges They're Facing

Chart of data; reviewing data to inform decisions | Leadership IQEvery company faces challenges, from competitors, industry changes, regulations, staffing shortages and more. But whether those changes are serious or minor, companies are doing a terrible job keeping employees in the loop. And while many leaders think that ignorance is bliss, when employees don’t feel like the company is being honest about the challenges facing it, employees get irritated very quickly.

Study: The Risks Of Ignoring Employee Feedback

Many companies don’t want to hear candid and truthful feedback from their employees. And it’s having a chilling effect on employees’ engagement.
From January-June, 2017, Leadership IQ surveyed 27,048 executives, managers and employees and discovered…

Quiz: How Good Is Your Employee Engagement Survey?

Many employee engagement surveys are in need of improvement. This quiz will help you diagnose your current employee engagement survey. 

Employee Engagement Survey: 22% Of Companies Are Getting Good Results

It’s nice to conduct an employee engagement survey, but is your survey actually delivering the results you want? There’s new research that suggests most surveys are falling far short.
More than 3,000 HR executives have taken the online quiz “How Good Is Your Employee Engagement Survey?” 

Wall Street Just Exposed Why Employee Engagement Is Such A Joke In Some Companies

A few days ago, American Airlines announced that it was going to raise the pay of pilots and flight attendants to keep pace with competitors Delta and United. Currently, American’s pilots are paid about 8% less than Delta and United while flight attendants are paid about 4% less. In the words of American’s CEO, this is about “doing the right thing.”

Stop Asking These Questions On Your Employee Engagement Survey

Engagement SurveyIf your organization conducts employee engagement surveys, there’s something you really need to know: Never ask a question you don’t know how to fix. Sounds simple, right? Well, some of the most common engagement survey questions violate this simple rule (and one of your survey questions might be on this list).
Posted by Mark Murphy on 05 April, 2017 Employee Engagement, Forbes | 0 comments | Read more →

How Pink Floyd Helped Me Engage A Group Of Disengaged Employees

Last week a newly-hired manager sent me this note about how he was able to connect with his new employees, even though they were bitter and cynical because of their previous leaders (who were awful). I’m sharing this letter because it shows you how employee retention can sometimes be a simple task, if you’re willing to exert just a little bit of personal energy, attention and time.
Posted by Mark Murphy on 01 November, 2016 Employee Engagement, Forbes, , no_cat, no_recent, sb_ad_2, sb_ad_23, sb_ad_3 | 0 comments | Read more →

The Secret To Employee Engagement Is Shoves And Tugs

Here’s one of the most important lessons about employee engagement: Everybody has shoves and tugs. Shoves are those issues that demotivate you, drain your energy, stop you from giving maximum effort, and make you want to quit—they “shove” you out the door. Tugs are those issues that motivate and fulfill you, make you want to give maximum effort, and keep you coming back every day—they “tug” at you to stay.
Posted by Mark Murphy on 03 October, 2016 Employee Engagement, Forbes, Leadership Skills | 0 comments | Read more →

5 Questions That Will Help You Have An Extraordinary Career

What does it mean to have an extraordinary career? I see a lot of people getting it wrong. Some are too hung up on the technical aspects of career. In all my studies, the people who have great careers, it’s not because of technical aptitude. It’s entirely possible to have great skills and still be unfulfilled or even miserable.

Employee Engagement Surveys: Don't Ask Employees If They're 'Satisfied'

Engagement SurveySatisfaction, a concept often measured by questions like “Overall, I am satisfied with company ABC” or “I am satisfied with my job” is a significantly weaker concept. In fact, it’s too weak to help you improve employee engagement.
Let’s imagine you score a perfect 7 out of 7 on this “satisfied” question. What does that really tell you?

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