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Remote Employee Productivity Hack

The top remote employees (e.g., writers, creatives, freelancers, etc.) have long known the best way to be productive when working from home. And it's a technique that you need to teach your 'suddenly remote' employees now!


remote employee masterclass




Posted by Mark Murphy on 08 April, 2020 no_cat, no_recent, sb_ad_25, sb_ad_30, sb_ad_5, sb_ad_6, sb_ad_7, sb_ad_8, sb_ad_9, Video | Read more →

Video: How Smart CEOs Are Using Employee Engagement Surveys To Test Their Strategy

Employee engagement surveys will obviously help you improve employee engagement.  But the smartest CEOs we work with are also using engagement surveys to test their strategy and ensure that employees are bought-in and know exactly how to execute that strategy!  It's a radical, but incredibly effective, approach!  Watch the video to learn how it's done...


If you want to learn more about our award-winning employee engagement survey, and how we can build this 'strategy test' into your next survey, learn more here!

Posted by Mark Murphy on 24 September, 2019 no_cat, no_recent, sb_ad_25, sb_ad_30, sb_ad_5, sb_ad_6, sb_ad_7, sb_ad_8, sb_ad_9 | Read more →

Study: Words That Cost You The Job Interview

If you want to cost yourself a job interview, just use words like “you”, “they”, “always” and “can’t”.  New research from Leadership IQ finds that interview answers rated poorly by hiring managers contain very different words than interview answers rated highly.  

Posted by Mark Murphy on 09 September, 2017 Hiring for Attitude, no_cat, no_recent, Research, sb_ad_30, sb_ad_5, sb_ad_7, sb_ad_8 | Read more →