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Excerpts From The Science Of Managing Remote Employees

Check out these clips from our bestselling online course The Science Of Managing Remote Employees!

Video: Avoid Sounding Like A Narcissist In Your Speeches By Using The 'Narcissism Ratio'

When you're giving a speech to your team, employees, investors or the entire company, you need to avoid sounding like a narcissist...Why? Because you lose power and credibility!   

Too many leaders unintentionally sound self-absorbed (and out-of-touch) because they violate this metric called the Narcissism Ratio! 

Abigail Disney Is Right: 'Insane' CEO Compensation Can Have 'A Corrosive Effect On Society'

In case you haven’t heard, Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Roy O. Disney (cofounder of The Walt Disney Company), recently went viral when she called Disney CEO Bob Iger’s $65.6 million compensation “insane” and said that this level of pay has “had a corrosive effect on society.”

Excerpts from The Science Of Great Coaching

Check out these clips from our bestselling online course The Science Of Great Coaching!



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Video: Don't Use Round Numbers In Negotiations

If you will ever negotiate a job offer, a sales deal, or a project proposal, you simply cannot use round numbers! Because if you use round numbers, rather than hyper-specific numbers, you will end up with a terrible deal! 

In this video, I reveal the science that shows exactly how you should be making your offers in negotiations!

Excerpts from The Science Of Leading Teams

Check out some clips from our On-Demand Course called The Science Of Leading Teams!

What's Your Style Of Delivering Constructive Criticism?

How you deliver constructive criticism will have a huge impact on whether your employees will (or won't) actually make changes and improve their performance.  But do you know what kind of feedback you actually deliver? And how that gets received?

Video: This Technique Controls Overbearing Personalities In Your Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting where one person totally dominates the meeting?  They talk louder than everyone else, and if the boss or team leader isn’t speaking, all you hear are their thoughts, their ideas, and their opinions. The quieter people in the meeting feel totally shut out from participating, and even the people who usually don’t have a problem being heard can’t get a word in.

The good news is that there's a technique for solving this.  It's called the Nominal Group Technique, and this 3-minute video shows you exactly how to use it!



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Don't struggle with negative employees, poor hires, giving candid feedback, getting buy-in for change, or painful performance reviews.

Instead, imagine how great it's going to feel when you're one of the most effective leaders in your company!

9 Words To Stop Negative People From Sucking The Energy Out Of The Room

We’ve all been in those meetings where most people are trying to do something positive and constructive, but there’s one person who keeps sniping and oozing negativity over every good idea.

Saying This One Sentence Can Make You 19% More Likable

What makes someone incredibly likable? The list is nearly endless (from physical attractiveness to optimizing personal space to finding commonalities and more). But one characteristic that is virtually guaranteed to make us likable is when others feel that we truly understand them. 

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    Test if you have the ‘Coaching Mindset’ with these questions
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    Test if you have the ‘Coaching Mindset’ with these questions
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    Excerpts From The Science Of Managing Remote