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Video: Flattery

Here's a dirty little secret that falls under the heading of communication skills: Flattery actually does work. It is effective. Saying nice things to people is a really good way to build relationships (it's not the only way, but it is a helpful tool). Great sales people know this. 

Quiz: How Do You React To Constructive Criticism?

We’re all going to receive constructive criticism at some point. So the big question is “how will I react to constructive criticism?”  Take this quiz to see how YOU react to constructive criticism.

Are You A Technical Genius Who Gets Accused Of Lacking People Skills?

It’s not always easy being the technological expert on the team. You’re valued for your knowledge and skills, but those same two factors can make you appear superior, sarcastic or uncaring to others who are less technology savvy. 

The Compliment Sandwich: What Is It And Why Is It So Bad?

One of the worst management techniques ever created is the Compliment Sandwich. The Compliment Sandwich was created as a way of giving somebody constructive criticism:
"Bob, you're just so talented. You're so smart. You might be the smartest person in the department. Your behavior...

Quiz: Is Your Personality More Suited To The Corporate World Or The Gig Economy?

The gig economy is here! While the 20th century was typified by a corporate model of work (long term salaried jobs, benefits, maybe a gold watch), the last decade has seen the strong emergence of gigs, freelancers, solopreneurs, the self-employed and the coffee shop-qua-office. It’s increasingly difficult to describe our work in a single word (e.g. lawyer, engineer, nurse). 
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The Dunning-Kruger Effect Helps Explain Why People Resist Hearing Constructive Criticism

Dan is a senior financial analyst and, in his mind, he’s the best one on the team. But according to his boss, while it’s true that Dan’s financial skills are very good, his emotional intelligence is virtually nonexistent. And Dan’s coworkers would describe him as smart but also narcissistic, abrasive and tone-deaf.
Dan could really benefit from constructive feedback to get his people skills closer to the level of his financial skills. 

One Simple Tool For Controlling Loudmouths In Your Team Meetings

Have you ever been in one of those team meetings, virtual or face-to-face, where a few big personalities just dominate the space? They usually talk louder than everyone else, and if the boss or team leader isn’t speaking, all you hear are their thoughts, their ideas, their yeas and their nays. 
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Video: Effective Communication with an Impatient Boss

Effective communication with an impatient boss is far less challenging if you know their preferred communication style. One simple way to distinguish communication styles is how linear people are. Here's what that means. Some people are very linear. 
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How To Say No When Your Boss Wants You To Work All Weekend To Complete A Project

Imagine that it’s Friday afternoon and your boss walks over to your desk and tells you the following:
Boss: I need you to come into work this weekend to help finish the Johnson proposal.
You: When is it due?
Boss: Monday at noon. We hoped to have it done today (Friday) 

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How To Speak To Impatient People

Most impatient seeming bosses aren’t suffering from some chronic character flaw. More often than not, they just have a particular communication style that likes things at a high level, without too much detail, and a focus on cutting-to-the-chase. And for the record, that describes a lot of bosses
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