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Quiz: Does Your Job Require High Or Low Emotional Intelligence?

Research shows that in certain jobs, having higher emotional intelligence is actually correlated with lower job performance! The determining factor in whether emotional intelligence is positively or negatively related to job performance is called “emotional labor.” So take this quiz to see whether your job demands high or low emotional labor, and thus whether you need high or low emotional intelligence.

Quiz: Do You Know How To Listen With Empathy?

Imagine if people had zero empathy; if we couldn’t understand others’ perspectives. What kind of world would that be? Terrible, right?
Well, there are troubling signs that, in fact, the world is currently suffering from a major deficit of empathy; that we’re losing (or have lost) the ability and willingness to truly empathize with others. And that’s why this test of empathy is so important!

Quiz: How Do You React To Constructive Criticism?

We’re all going to receive constructive criticism at some point. So the big question is “how will I react to constructive criticism?”  Take this quiz to see how YOU react to constructive criticism.

Quiz: Is Your Personality More Suited To The Corporate World Or The Gig Economy?

The gig economy is here! While the 20th century was typified by a corporate model of work (long term salaried jobs, benefits, maybe a gold watch), the last decade has seen the strong emergence of gigs, freelancers, solopreneurs, the self-employed and the coffee shop-qua-office. It’s increasingly difficult to describe our work in a single word (e.g. lawyer, engineer, nurse). 
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Quiz: How Do You Personally Feel About Change?

Do you like stability and consistency? Or do you like rapid exciting change? Or moderate prudent change? Test your personal feelings about change...
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